Kulula Competitor Marketing Plan Essay

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International Marketing
Tickey Airline vs Kulula Air


Tickey Airline’s goal is to become the main airline for low-fare domestic flights in South Africa. The competition, Kulula Air, has established itself as affordable, reliable, and sustainable. They dominate the domestic market making their client base large. In order to attract potential customers, Tickey Airline will enter the market with a wilder approach.


Tickey is a South African threepenny piece that was replaced by the five-cent coin in 1961. Since “tickey” means three pennies, our name shows that we are affordable. The word is dated, so it reinforces our corky and unusual image. Tickey Airline is ...view middle of the document...

This makes the 18-30 year old age bracket an even more appealing target market, as it is consistently growing. This will allow our brand to grow and expand.

Young educated professionals and college students within this age bracket is the perfect niche target market for a new low cost airline because they all share similar behavioral habits. They are frugal with their money because they are either pursing an education, have recently graduated, or have just entered the workforce, and therefore must live on a limited income. Individuals with a college education are also eager to seize opportunities to travel and experience new things. In order to appeal to consumers on a tight budget, we will provide each customer with one free checked bag, as well as free beverages and snacks on their flight. We will also offer a variety of product specials for customers to purchase during the flight, such as discounted deals on tours, airport shuttles, and meal vouchers for specific restaurants.

In order to appeal to this target market, one of our main goals will be to present our brand in a way that these young travelers can relate to. The college and young professional age group is often referred to as the “internet generation”, so we will provide them with in-flight wireless connection to the Internet. Our customer service representatives will be within the age bracket of our target market, in order to represent the brand as a young, fresh company that they can relate to. We will also use social networking to reach our target market. South Africans are among the most active Twitter users in the world, sending more than 5 million tweets in 2011. More than half of these tweets were sent by users in their 20’s, making Twitter an excellent way to build a rapport with potential customers. This will also provide potential customers with a forum to communicate with us and give any feedback they may have. We will also tweet tips for the young traveler on how to live fabulously on a budget in order to gain loyalty and respect from our target consumers.

SWOT Analysis
* Strengths:
* Offer cheap flights: Since we have an already established sister company, our airline already has the necessary connection with suppliers and does not need to put money into this.
We also don't have to spend money hiring and training new employees because we could hire employees from South African Airways or we can use South African Airways’ hiring/employee recruiting system.
* There is not currently another airline company in South Africa that targets the same niche market we will target. Our biggest competition is Kulula, who’s target market is...

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