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Kurt Cobain Essay

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“A person’s behavior, whether normal or abnormal, is determined largely by underlying psychological forces of which he or she is not consciously aware.” (Comer, 2011, p. 37) The psychodynamic model is the oldest and most famously used model when diagnosing and treating abnormal behaviors; its purpose is to find the problem hidden in past events within a person’s life. In this paper I will be discussing the life of Kurt Cobain, describing his diagnosis based on the five axes of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV TR, and what his possible treatment could have been, all through a psychodynamic point of view.
Throughout Cobain’s childhood he was a sickly child, ...view middle of the document...

Their album In Utero, 1993, reached the top of the charts but was a “considered a disappointment by the label because it didn't match the absurd success of Nevermind.” (Soylent Communications, 2010); Nevermind the album was released in 1991 that hit the “triple-platinum mark” in 1992, which was shortly after he began his career in 1987. Cobain was constantly under the pressure of his past, consciously and unconsciously, so he resorted to something that gave him comfort and that was Heroin. Cobain was a substance abuser; he was hospitalized shortly after his marriage to Courtney Love, who was also a substance abuser and pregnant at the time, they were both individuals with “emotional, physical and substance abuse problems.” (Soylent Communications, 2010). Before Cobain’s untimely death he had checked into a rehabilitation center for his heroin addiction and closed himself off from everyone around him. Shortly after checking into the rehabilitation center he checked himself out, none of his family or friends knew that he had checked out. Shortly after checking out he overdosed on heroin, a prescription drug and was found dead in one of his homes with a gunshot wound to the head; the gunshot wound was determined to be self-inflicted by an autopsy, he had committed suicide. Cobain falls under all of the following categories on the five axes of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV TR.
Axes I: Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder
Axes II: Borderline Personality Disorder
Axes III: Self-inflicted illnesses from the drugs and alcohol he abused
Axes IV: Problems related with past (Divorce of parents and lack of guidance from them)
Axes V: 55

On Axes I Cobain expressed both anxiety and mood disorders. He had anxiety about the expectations of everyone around him, he was expected to do his best or better every time and the extreme pressure of the present and past caught up with him. His lack of guidance throughout life led him to feel that there was no stable part of his life. He also had major depressive disorder; he would completely shut people out and lose touch with reality. He mainly resorted to alcohol and drugs which presented him with constant episodes of hallucinations and delusions. (Comer, 2011, p. 197)
Cobain suffered from Borderline personality disorder which falls under axes II, this would also come from the lack of stability he had when he was a child going between parents houses throughout the years. Courtney Love was an unstable person as well; they were two lost people with no understanding as to where to go in life. There were many stories in the media from times when Cobain would be on tour and would trash hotel rooms with his band mates and friends; this was mainly due to the state he was in due to the alcohol and substance abuse.
Many physical problems, of Axes III, came along with Cobain’s horrible habit of alcohol and substance abuse. He started to use heroin when he...

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