Kurt Cobain & Jim Morrison Poets Of A Generation

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Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison were more than leads of great bands. They were heros of their generations. They had so many talents and each influenced a multitude of people. Aside from being singers and song writers Kurt was also a musician, guitarist and mass-media phenomenon, and Jim was also a poet, film maker and writer. Their groups also had about a twenty year span in between them. Even though it seems you could not compare them you actually can. Unlike fictional writers their material comes more from their life experiences and feelings. Even though it was different things that affected each one you can still see a pattern of similarity between their lives. They both experienced ...view middle of the document...

His father was in the navy. They were constantly moving and Jim's dad was frequently not home. Jim seemed to grow a lack of respect for his family and authority. In an early fact sheet Jim claimed his family to be dead. One of the office managers of the recording company told him she didn't think that was nice and asked what his parents will think. Jim replied that if anyone asked they were dead. Jim never respected authority in fact he liked the farthest thing from it . He says in that same fact sheet,

I've always been attracted to ideas that were about revolt against authority. I like ideas about the breaking away or over throwing of established order. I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos- especially activity that seems to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom...

The song "Five to One" from Waiting For The Sun was about rebelling and taking over. Jim figured that by 1969 there would be five times as many people under twenty-one as would be over, so why not rebel. One of the most single important events in Jim's childhood occurred while traveling with his parents on a desert highway. They came upon an over turned truck, and saw dying and injured Pueblo Native Americans that had been thrown from the truck lying on the pavement. Jim began to cry. His dad stopped the car to make sure help was on the way, which it was. He got back in the car and drove away trying to comfort Jim as he still cried. Because of this experience Jim went and learned much about the Native Americans. Later Jim even claimed to his friends that he had been possessed by one of the dying Native Americans as he passed. The Native American influences were seen, as he often wore a concho belt and preformed ritulistic-type dance movements on stage.

Another influential period in their lives was their school years. Kurt did not like school at all. While in high school he started getting into music and finally seeing shows and doing what he always wanted to do. He states "I wanted to move to Seattle, sell my ass, and be a punk rocker, but I was too afraid."(www.downer.com quotes) Then finally in 1985 Kurt dropped out of high school. Kurt knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to write music and school was just getting in the way. He also hated the "high school culture" of the clicks and sport favoritism. In the next few years Kurt would meet Kirst Novoselic and together they would float through many bands until they finally stopped at Nirvana. Kurt wrote in the original biography of the band that "for the last nine months we have had the pleasure to take Chad-Drums under our wings and develop what we are now and always will be NIRVANA." The name for the band comes from the definition of the word, which is: 1.The final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought especially in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness. 2.A place or state of...

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