Lab 2 Assesment Worksheet Essay

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Lab 2 Assessment Worksheet
1. A. Denial of Service attack on organization’s email server
Medium Risk
B. Fire destroys primary data center
High Risk
C. Loss of Production Data
High Risk
2. For the above identified threats and vulnerabilities, which of the following COBIT P09 Risk Management control objectives are effective?
3. A. Denial of Service attack on organization’s email server
Threat to Availability
B. Fire Destroys Data Center
Threat to Integrity and Availability
C. Loss of Production Data
Threat to Integrity and Availability
4. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Compliance, and Reliability secondary.
5. A. Denial of Service
Information- Information would not be able to be accessed to end users from outside the primary server control. By adding firewalls and limiting access to certain IPs, the risk can ...view middle of the document...

Back up data to an offsite server/hard drive to have a fall back plan.
Applications- Applications will be destroyed in the fire. Back up necessary applications with information to be able to be called upon when needed.
Infrastructure- Equipment can be irreparably damaged in the fire. Install countermeasures to prevent fires.
People- People can be seriously harmed or die from the fire. Train in simple firefighting techniques.
C. Loss of Production Data
Information- Information will be lost. Back up data to an offsite server/hard drive to have a fall back plan.
Applications- May not necessarily be harmed. Back up applications to be safe.
Infrastructure- No harm will come to the infrastructure. Install back up devices to help store data.
People- May cause possible anguish or anxiety. Train personnel how to save information and to input it correctly.
6. True
7. Any breach in any of these areas leads to failed security. This represents the potential loss to an organization.
8. By aligning your information with your data classification standard, you can assess which information is more important than others, and determine a hierarchy of which information needs to be protected more than others.
9. This will help determine the likelihood of a risk within your systems.
10. Train technical personnel on how to implement controls. Train end users on social engineering tactics.
11. To bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks.
12. Effectiveness is how well a risk or risk management decision will take care of a situation, while Efficiency is how easily implemented or cost effective the action will be.
13. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
14. By assessing the four different perspectives (Information, Applications, Infrastructure, People), one can determine the full scope of an organization and determine where the highest threats to the organization can be.
15. ISACA.

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