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Lab 4 Nat Essay

948 words - 4 pages

Lab 4
Joel Garcia
Cgs 4285

Objective: 3
Procedures: 3
Experience: 3
Conclusion: 4
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The objective of this lab is to configure DNS client settings, for Linux and Windows Stations, to observe DNS in action, and to observe NAT in action.

1. First, verify that workstation 1 and workstation 2 have the correct IP addresses and default route.

2. Configure DNS servers for workstation 1 and workstation 2. After, configure workstation 2 to use as a DNS resolver by entering the command: echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf. Afterwards, configure ...view middle of the document...

scp /tmp/private-net1.pcap
scp /tmp/private-net2.pcap

This was quite an enjoyable lab, the only issue that was encountered was trying to keep up with the different IP addresses on several different workstations. The lab had to be redone several times due to incorrect IP assignments on the different workstations. Afterwards, the assignment was fairly simple and the network traffic was easily monitored.
In conclusion, the NAT lab was a very interesting lab that illustrated how different hosts are able to see each other and verify different location points within a network. The .pcap files were able to show step-by-step how the protocol is carried out and was able to give the user a better idea as to how exactly NAT translates and operates on IP addresses.

1.) Question One: What was the IP protocol type / source address / source port / destination address / destination port of the first packet of the TCP connection from WS1 as it arrived on the private interface (eth1) of the NAT gateway? 
IP protocol type: TCP
Source address:
Source port: 2000
Destination address:
Destination port: 7
2.) What was the IP protocol type / source address / source port / destination address / destination port of the first packet of the TCP connection from WS1 as it left on the public interface of the NAT gateway? 
IP protocol type: TCP
Source address:
Source port: 2000
Destination address:
Destination port: 7
3.)  What was the IP protocol type / source address / source port / destination address /...

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