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Research Journal on Labour Dispute

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This research journal is focusing in the increasing number of labour dispute today, especially in labour strike, this research journal will provide 6 different news articles in regards of labor strike in different countries in Asia Pacific region including that of South Korea, China, India , and one from the western country, United States. The relation of the topic and the literature will further be explained in the later part of this research journal, analysis, ...view middle of the document...

In Asia, combination of unions with market orientation and society orientation common in developed Asian economies.

Article 1

On 19 May 2014, Samsung Service workers held a strike that lasted for 41 days before reaching an agreement with their company management in regards of issues of salaries, working conditions, and labor union. Few severe cases had happened as a result of their long working hours and inhumane working condition without any raise in pay (Equal Times, 2014). The first cases is when Yeom Ho Seok, a worker of Samsung service center, ended his own life inside a car, leaving a note saying that he is sacrificing himself as he cannot anymore bear the pain of others as well as the difficult condition he and his fellow workers need to bear (Equal Times, 2014). Yeom case is currently the third case, with the first case, one worker died from exhaustion, and the second death was because of suicidal acted as a protest measure. For the first time after 76 years of no union corporate regulation, Samsung finally agreed upon recognition of trade union, and promised to provide a better working condition for their workers (Equal Times, 2014).

Through the incident, employees plays a big part in company operation, as the 41 days of strike led to an organizational structure from no union to recognition of union, Samsung should have took an action before the situation is getting worse.

Article 2

More than ten thousand of workers from a major shoe company in Guangdong province, China are going for a weeklong strike demanding an increase of social security benefits (China Daily, 2014). The strike sends out a protest to companies that they want an increase in wages and minimum welfare for workers (China Daily, 2014). YueYue Shoemaker company makes more than 400 million of footwear annually including brands of Nike and Adidas. Peng Xiaohui, one of YueYue’s workers earns 550USD monthly, and realized that the YueYue company paid less that what he deserved to get into his pension account, which means that he will get less money from social insurance after retirement (China Daily, 2014). According to Dongguan’s social security law, employers must pay 11 percent of an employee’s salary to the pension account, but Yue Yue only paid 27 cents into Peng’s account monthly. Director at All China Federation of Trade Union stated that conflict between employers and employees is not unusual, and the federation is working on to be able to better protect the employees in line with the regulation. One of senior specialist of International Labour Organization (ILO) in China and Mongolia, Yoon Youngmo, stated that the number of collective bargaining labor disputes has gone up tremendously in the last 15 years, and he commented that the strike is mainly due to a movement from low-wage industry, increasing awareness...

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