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Labor Unions Essay

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Joel Rembert
Mr Skrilow

By 1900s, the United States became the number one industrial power in the whole world. One factor that allowed the country to climb to its position that we acknowledge was its abundant labor supply (due to manopolies), of largely composed immigrants who arrived between 1865 and 1900. However, the spot came at a cost; laborers were working long terrible hours for low wages under poor conditions for the dominating monopolies of the United States at the time. Hoping to better these undesirable situations, multiple labor unions would form in the last half of the nineteenth century. Besides the constant efforts of these organizations little changes was made about from 1875 to the 1900s due to discourt among those competing to represent the laborer, the long-standing negative perceptions Americans held regarding unions, and the especially lethal combination ...view middle of the document...

This is mostly expressed by the changes from mid to late 19th century.
By the mid to late 1800s labor workers decided on the idea of joining together to form unions. One of the first major unions was the National Labor Union under William H. Sylvis it became a big organization consisting of about or over 600,000 members. It expanded and branched out and consisted of a variety of reform groups but sadly enough had a small relation to labor work. We see from the beginning the poor leadership skills in the first labor union that this organization had almost no goals. They were gathered together with no set motive towards the labor work. Despite all of that the goal was to improve lives of the workers which did occur but not at a rate you would expect. As the years grew later in the 19th century, so did the reform and movements. Constant fighting and through campaigning motivated the union movement to push on eventually to the point that even government got involved. One of the major problems of a worker that was faced daily later yet became overturned slowly but surely which is the hours of the worker due to the national labor union. Other unions in the 1800 came about after that first movement and began to deteriorate the sturggles of workers. Unions like The American federation of labor, Knights of labor, etc began to improve the hours, and even little pay of the workers, making big buisness dueable for the live of a average human. Based on the info above one can clearly see, that the labor unions in the late 19th century help improved the lives of the workers due to the slow increase of benefits. It may not be alot or a huge amount, but changes did occur when the monopolies made it seem that nothing was possible for the workers. In the end the changes improved till the end of monopolies, and better working opportunities we see here today.
In conclusion, the labor union movements of the later part of the 19th century became successful especially overtime. Labor unions slowly but surely improved the lives of the working individual. Eventually in the end unions helped the workers so much especially against big buisness.

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