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Laboratory Report Investigating The Relationship Between The Effects Of The Exercise Intensity On The Skin Temperature And The Pulse In Humans

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Aim:To determine the effects of the pulse and skin temperature in humans when the intensity of activity changes with a cycling machine and monitoring the biological variables as above mentioned by using a strapped-on write pulse monitor and a skin temperature monitor as the Subject cycles. The intensity is determined by the rotations per minute (RPM, indicator is built into the cycling machine), and the cyclists increases it to increase the intensity of the exercise.Hypothesis:I believe the pulse will increase along with skin temperature as intensity of the exercise increases, because the muscle cells will start to respire faster and release more energy and produce more carbon dioxide, this ...view middle of the document...

Although this is a variable that is hard to maintain, staying in a constant location will be sufficient.4.Time periods in which the pulse and skin temperature readings are takenIt should be taken in equal periods of time in complement with controlled variable no.2. This will ensure equal readings for each stages of exercise intensity.5.The order in which the sections are advanced inIt should be progressed in an incremental order so ensure heart rate rises constantly. If e.g. The Subject goes from 20 rpm to 60 rpm then 40 rpm, then the reading for 40 rpm will result in a false higher reading.6.The cycling machine used (particularly the RPM indicator)This will ensure that the RPM indicator is the same and the Subject will have a fair idea of what his progress is on cycling and ensure that each stage is equal.7.Resistance of pedaling on the cycling machineThis must be constant, because the variable is the RPM, by having resistance as another variable, it will be impossible to measure. This is sufficient just by using the same cycling machine and not changing any settings.8.Any external factorsSuch as interventions etc. The Subject should cycle non stop for the period of time as indicated in the method and increase the RPM as the method indicates. Examples of interventions: a movie playing (can cause pulse to change when movie is exhilarating), or any abrupt stopping of the experiment.9.The monitoring equipment usedThis will ensure correct calibration of the instruments and provide an accurate reading. This also include the location of where the instrument is attached to. The location should be constant and not move throughout the experiment.Apparatus and Equipments:1x Cycling Machine1x Pulse monitor (strapped-onto wrist)1x Skin Temperature reader1x StopwatchNote: The Subject should be representative of a human, so he should have an average body (no athletes or fatally sick patients).Method:1.Allow Subject to cool down for 5 minutes before beginning experiment.2.While then, set the air conditioning to a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius3.Attach pulse monitor to Subject and skin temperature monitor to Subject's forehead.4.Calibrate cycling machine to factory settings (No resistance, and displays RPM)5.Record Subject's initial pulse and Skin Temperature6.Instruct the Subject to start cycling until the RPM indicator shows it's 20 RPM.7.Maintain 20 RPM as best as Subject's ability for 1 minute8.Record Pulse and Skin Temperature after 1 minute.9.Repeat steps seven and eight with 40 RPM, 60 RPM, 80 RPM, 100 RPM and 120 RPM.(note on increasing RPM: Each RPM represents a different stage, and the Subject should advance to the progressing stage as fast as possible while maintaining a stable RPM reading)10.Allow Subject to slowly cool down for 3 minutes before ending experiment.Data Table:This table shows the results the Subject's Pulse and Skin Temperature recorded with a Pulse Monitor and a Skin Temperature Monitor as the intensity of the exercise...

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