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Lack Of Rights In A Midsummer's Night Dream

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Lack of Rights in A Midsummer's Night Dream

Do men and women not shed the same blood? Of course they do, so why is it that women are treated so unfairly? Women for hundreds of years have been degraded to something less than man when all along they should have been treated equally. The women of the Renaissance period were mistreated by being denied the right to chose whom they wished to marry.
In the play A Midsummer Night's Dream Theseus talks about how the power lay with the father to choose who may marry his daughter. Theseus talks about the law with Hermia and Egeus because Hermia contests the law. Theseus also talks about how she may be put to death if she does not comply with ...view middle of the document...

Puck knew that if he were to remove the pedals from Demetrius's eyes that he would not like Helena anymore. That is why he left the pedals on Demetrius's eyes after he had already removed them from the others.
Shakespeare took the seriousness of love and the idea of arranged marriages and turned it into a comedy. He showed how looks sometimes do not matter by making someone fall in love with a jackass. Then there was Puck. Puck played with love by making people fall in love with other people when they really did not even like them. Also on the more serious note he showed how women had to choose between love and what their father wanted, and the consequences of their actions. Finally he showed how people can change like Theseus on his decision of marriage. Also Demetrius and his feelings for Helena although they changed with the help of the fairies.
Women's main purpose in the Renaissance period was to serve man. Thesues shows you this when he is talking to Hermia and how she is to follow what her father says. Women were also reminded of this before their wedding. Someone would usually approach them and tell them that:
...your husband is to be obeyed implicitly and not answered angrily. When you are married do not act childishly; you are to provide food. (108-9)
What the women of the Renaissance experienced was not marriage but slavery.
Arranged marriages are still happening today and like...

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