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Why is that money and power can changes an individual’s personality? Well, when some humans see something desirable and valuable that doesn’t belong to them, they will go to a great extent to have it. Whether, that is stealing, lying or even killing loved ones. This is simply described as greed. Greed and ambition is a common theme in both Shakespeare’s tragic play, Macbeth and the movie “A Simple Plan”. They both share the concept of wanting something and committing crime after crime to achieve it. Similarly, the main characters in both stories become greedy after finding something valuable and their spouse encourages them further. Once in control, the main characters are willing to do ...view middle of the document...

In addition, both characters are similar as they develop greediness after discovering opportunities of power.
Sarah and Lady Macbeth share a common trait of being greedy for power and control. However, Lady Macbeth is a selfish person from the beginning of the play. Her greediness is visible in her reaction after reading Macbeth’s letter which informs her that Macbeth is: the Thane Glamis, Cawdor and possibly the king of Scotland. Her selfishness is present when she quotes, “Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear, And chastise with the valor of my tongue, All that impedes thee from the golden round, Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem, To have thee crowned withal.” (I, V lines 13-17). Lady Macbeth states that she wants Macbeth to return home early, so she can speak him out of the thoughts which are preventing him from seizing the king’s crown. These cruel thoughts and behavior symbolizes greediness since she wants Macbeth to become the king so they can have control over Scotland and live in royalty. Whereas, Sarah from “A Simple Plan” becomes greedy after the secret of the 4 million dollars is revealed to her. At first she tells her husband, Hank, to report the money but later she decides they should keep it seeing that it has many benefits. Though, in the conclusion of the movie when Hank begins to burn the money Sarah, is troubled and begins to complain about her life without money. She says things like “what about your daughter……what about me, only eating out for dinner on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries”. This quote reveals her greed for money because she’s been living a perfectly stable life without the 4 million dollars thus far, so what signicance does it have now? Moreover, Sarah is illustrating greed because if Hank burns the money she won’t be able to live a noble lifestyle. This indicates she is selfish; she is only concerned about spending the money herself, which is apparent in the quote above through the key word ME. ...

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