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Land Future Paper

1259 words - 6 pages


Land Feature Paper
Sharon Green
Rosemary Morrison
December 21, 2015

The Theory of Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics is the theory that the outer rigid layer of the earth the (lithosphere) is
divided into a couple of dozen "plates" that move around across the earth's surface relative to
each other. The reason they are able to move is that the molten interior of the earth slowly rises
toward the surface. As this hot viscous substance rises it moves the plates like pieces of a puzzle
across the globe. Much like an escalator today the heated almost plastic like rock rises to the top
then sinks back below to become super-heated again. These areas are known as ...view middle of the document...

The last


major episode of geological activity affecting the bedrock in New England occurred about 100
million years ago, during the Mesozoic era, when "continental rifting" led to the opening of the
present-day Atlantic Ocean.” It is believed that these events left scars on our landscape, and it is
the shifting of those old wounds that cause us to have earthquakes and created some of most
beautiful regions. Good!
Geological Events and Rocks
One of the uUnique features left behind from this time was the rock that eventually
created The Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. explains the flume in this
manner, “the Flume was deeply buried molten rock. As it cooled, the granite was broken by
closely spaced vertical fractures which lay nearly parallel in a northeasterly direction. Sometime
after the fractures were formed, small dikes of basalt were forced up along the fractures. The
basalt came from deep within the earth as a fluid material, and because of pressure, was able to
force the Conway granite aside. The basalt crystallized quickly against the relatively cold
granite.” The retreating ice age began the eventual erosion or the soft basalt leaving shear
granite walls and smooth granite table top stones several tons a piece. Nice description of the
rock formations.
Economics of Stone
Granite, which is the predominate stone in New England, is used widely as a textile.
From flooring to countertops and amazing statues granite stands the test of time. It has also
stood the test of time in the Flume Gorge; beautiful sheer cliffs surround you as you walk
through the Flume state park. Ancient trees cast roots deep into the stone cracking it wide
exposing it to the elements. Deep caves have small streams trickle from their openings and


narrow path ways thunder with rushing mountain water. Many state parks in the New England
area are dependent on the topography left behind from these old wounds in the land caused from
old tectonics’ and ice age melts. Each season bringing its own flavor to the area, be it summer
cliff diving into old granite quarries, autumn cave exploration in places like Devils Gulch, or
skinning down the granite majesty of Killington.

New England is riddled with old fault lines but is no longer a main player in the plates
that cause the dynamic earth we see in areas like The Ring of Fire. The ancient wounds shift
releasing energy; causing us to have small earthquakes at least several times a year. This old
geology has left us with sometimes hidden but dynamic beauty and a granite industry that has
supplied stone for years. This is predominately why the New England area is an excellent are to
prove past plate tectonics. Science can see what a very active area was millions of years ago and
extrapolate why it is no longer active today; keeping with the known knowledge...

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