Language And Support In Family Essay

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From curriculum to syllabus design: The different stages to design a programme
Irma Dolores Núñez y Bodegas Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas Escuela de Lenguas-Tapachula

Abstract Designing your own programme as an in-service teacher might be really time consuming and also difficult to teach how to do it to pre-service teachers. But in the long run it might be rewarding when knowing that we are giving the students what they want and need and not just what has been decided by the authorities. In this paper the following will be considered: What is curriculum, course and syllabus and possible ...view middle of the document...

Graves (2000) mentions that defining the context and articulating your beliefs serve as the foundation for the process to follow when designing your own programme. Assessing needs, formulating goals and objectives, developing materials, designing an assessment plan, organizing the course and conceptualizing content is described as a framework of course development process. Although there is no one way of organizing a course; the factors mentioned can help you choose how to do it. The results have to make sense to you, to the students, and to the authorities. (Graves op. cit)

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1. Introduction The different definitions given to curriculum as well as possible approaches to course design will be given first. Articulating your beliefs and defining the context are going to be exposed, together with assessing needs, formulating goals and objectives. Next, we shall be focussing on the different ways of organizing courses and specification and ordering of the content i.e. the syllabus. Last, a short

explanation about materials, designing an assessment plan and how to evaluate courses.

2. Curriculum, course, syllabus and approaches to course design 2.1 Curriculum The definition of curriculum is complex because there are as many definitions as there are writers in the field. It can go anywhere along the range from a list of subjects for a course to the perception of the ultimate goal of education as a whole. What is required when referring to the term is “the grasp of the basic notions education involves as well as the structural organization every author states within this definition for the term curriculum” (Moreno, 2000: 11) Evidence of what mentioned before is the following listing of the same concept defined by different authors: Curriculum can be defined, as an educational program which states: a) “The educational purpose of the program (the ends) b) The content teaching procedures and learning experience which will be necessary to achieve this purpose (the means) c) Some means for assessing whether or not the educational ends have been achieved.” ( Richards, Platt and Platt 1993: 94)

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“Curriculum is a very general concept which involves consideration of the whole complex of philosophical, social and administrative factors which contribute to the planning of an educational program.” (Allen quoted in Nunan, 2000: 6)

“Curriculum theory encompasses philosophy and value systems; the main components of the curriculum: purposes, content, methodology and evaluation; and the process whereby curricula are developed, implemented...

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