Last Chapter Of A Brave New World

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Last Chapter of A Brave New World

John's eyes fluttered open and he cautiously surveyed his surroundings. Where was he taken? Who knocked him unconscious and carried him from his solitude at the lighthouse? He did not have to wait long for his answer, when he saw his friend standing over him, shaking him to awareness.

"It's about time you came to," said Bernard Marx, "we've been worrying about you."

Helmholtz laughed as he came around to the bed John was laying on. "Don't look at us like that, Savage. We have good news for you."

Bernard wore a smug look on his face as he told John of their accomplishments. "We have met some of the most intelligent men of the world here at this island, and we found a way to overthrow this so called civilized society which has tried to subdue us one too many times. We destroyed ...view middle of the document...

There was no time to waste.

The group consisted of one hundred fifty seven men and women who had been sent to the island because of their inability to follow the rules of civilized society, as well as Mustapha, Marx, Helmholtz, and John. Mustapha was the leader, of course, because he knew all the laws, and was a natural commander. Together, they planned to destroy the worldís soma supplies, and all the manufacturing plants.

Once the citizens were cut off from the drugs, theyíd be more apt to become deconditioned. The next step would be to teach the world of meditation and natural herbs such as St. Johnís Wort for wellbeing, and to detoxify and preserve their bodies using deep tissue cleansing techniques and fasting. Schools had to be set up; treatment and rehabilitation centers had to be opened. The people had to come back to nature. The human body has been chemically and hormonally abused and altered for so long, that people were no longer people, they were like machines. Their brains could not handle the daily traumas, so everyone was taking drugs to mask their psychosis and depression.

The world then divided into two societies. The Mond Party and the Bokanovsky Party went to war two years later. It took that long for the schism to occur, and for the Mond Party to convert the population. Johnís popularity and Mustaphaís authority caused a lot of the people to turn against the Bokanovsky civilization. Also, they were no longer being enticed with drugs.

The war raged on for three long years, after which time all the modern structures had been destroyed, and there was nothing left but land and ocean. The few survivors lived off the land like their ancestors did five thousand years ago. There were no drugs, no violence, and no corruption. The biggest worries were finding food, shelter, and clothing. Their conditioning had completely been forgotten long before the war had ended.

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