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Latin American Culture Essay

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Latin American Culture 2
There are many different dialects of the Spanish Language. The language was originated from the Castile Region of Spain, which is also known as “castello”. Between the late 1400s to the 1800s the ships departed from Southern Spain into the different Canary Islands where each one developed their own dialect. There are many different dialects of the Spanish language. Learning this language takes the most commons types of methods used when learning. Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Everyone has used at least one of these methods one time or another. Written Spanish contains formatting words the way they are written and not spoken. The way that you write this language is not the same as the way it would be spoken in English.
The way of cooking is very different, in which it takes a lot of skill and creativity. Using many different spices and natural ingredients. The usage of many ...view middle of the document...

A work in which is to be perfected and mastered.
rooted in Mediterranean Catholicism. Many scholars say that traditional Catholicism reinforces
women’s subordination, particularly their exclusion from public life (Stevens 1973; Molyneux
liberation theology this stems from within the Catholic Church. The growth of
Protestant pentecostal religious groups, has been an external challenge.
Base communities and pentecostalism offers members strikingly different, alternative
religious interpretations of prevailing cultural normality’s (Stoll 1990; Cleary 1992).
More recent studies of religion and gender, however, show the ways in which religion can
empower women. Scholars in this area are recognizing that religions are not monolithic belief
systems but multifaceted sets of often contradictory or conflicting symbols open to a range of
interpretation. Even religions that are quite conservative in their explicit gender attitudes contain
elements that women can and do utilize to combat subordination.
This paper examines the ways in which women’s experiences in CEBs and pentecostal
groups may change their gender attitudes and roles. Section one describes the symbolic and
participatory opportunities that each group offers women. Section two examines the responses to
these opportunities and argues that, while both CEB and pentecostal women reconceptualize
gender roles, the two religious settings produce different outcomes.
The analysis is pre-theoretical. Few specific hypotheses about the relationship between
religion and the conceptualization of gender roles have been put forward.

From the origination of the Latin American language to the beliefs of them all, it is vital to take a observation of all the information that was given. You can find that Latin American culture is diverse in many way compared to other cultures, but in one way still the same. This being that well al have they things we hold on to and take much pride in when it comes to our culurture or where we come from. We are all one people and together can help each other leran the ways of life and make things easier for one another.

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