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Latino Culture Essay

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Latino Culture


Latino Culture
Knowledge of Latino cultural customs will help provide respect and a greater

understanding the culture.

People are different within the same culture and have different socio economical

status, educational levels, gender roles and or behaviors, but the most profound

differencesare cultural.

Culture is a way of living based on heritage, experience and environment.

This paper will address the Latino culture, heritage, environment, and
experiences found in that culture.
Latino heritage

Latino was created during the 1970’s by Mexican, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Central

and ...view middle of the document...

In addition, Mexico and Chile

celebrate their independence days on Sept. 16 and Sept. 18, respectively.”

Cultures developing process

Culture is a developing process that signifies the way of life for a certain group of

people in a particular society. Individuals engaging in activities will exchange ideas that

develop into common customs. Consequently, culture is a network of traits which are

learned, based on individual interactions or; it is historically passed down from one

generation to another. Individuals who lack faith in themselves and distrust the

government seem to hold aggression toward others because lack of progress or

knowledge and fail to succeed because of ignorance.


In general, Latin American immigrants are more likely to be unemployed than a

native born residents because they are also likely to be uneducated and do not have

legal documentation. The lack of education is usually because immigrants live in

poverty stricken environments, and they cannot obtain an education because they

have to find cheap labor to take care of their families.”As in all populations, the higher

the education attainment level of individuals, the more likely a person will be employed

in a higher income occupation such as the professional classes.” (Garcia, 2002, p. 61)
Cultural roles and values

Culture consists of traditions, beliefs, roles, language and values. While studying

the Latino Culture it is clear that there are several nationalities within the culture.

The common backgrounds found among the cultures are they all have a bond with their

families as well as similar roles for male and female in a family. Latino cultures

traditionally value family ties, siblings see their relationship with one another as

unconditional, and no one can break that bond. Parents see themselves responsible for

creating a close-knit family. In this culture the women have been expected to be

submissive, maternal and dependent while the men have been known to be

authoritarian, hardworking aggressive and promiscuous.
Traditions and beliefs

The majority of these cultures also share Catholic beliefs, and practice rituals such

as baptism and the Mexican Debutante name Quinceanera. Although, the nationalities

are different there are common tradition shared. The celebration of girls

fifteenth birthday is referred to as Quincearnera; traditional Mexican, Puerto Ricans,

Cubans, Central and South Americans plan this celebration for their teenage daughter

to recognize her journey from childhood to maturity. Traditionally, the ceremony is a

deeply rooted Catholic ritual displaying to the public her commitment to Catholic

bringing honor to herself and, her parents for raising her a traditional Latino daughter;

for this celebration the expected attire is formal for everyone attending. As noted in...

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