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Law Paper

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A current law that impacts the delivery of human service is the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. HIPAA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
HIPAA is a law, which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information. The HIPAA has rules and standards that help keep a patient‘s information private and safe.
What reliable resources are available to learn about the implications of this law? Many reliable resources are available to help one learn more about this law. One can go to the HIPAA or the Human services website and find information on this law. One needs to know how to understand the health information. HIPAA provides ...view middle of the document...

It is imperative that one check with one’s doctor office to ensure that he or she is following the HIPAA regulations.
How will the law affect day- to- day operations within human’s service organizations? This will affect day- to- day operations because everyone has to comply with this law. Every staff members in the organizations must follow the HIPAA law. This is so that that the patient rights and medical information can not be release to anyone without the patient’s permission. HIPAA protects the patients’ medical records and other identifiable information. Patients may also sign a form to have ones information release or not to release to other agencies.
This does not restrict the nurses or doctor and other healthcare providers to give the information, which is needed to treat patients. The information should not be used for any other purposes not related to the patient healthcare (United States Department of Health and Humans Services, 2003). This law is intended to reduce fraudulent activity and improved data systems. What are the arguments for and against this law? Some arguments against this law are that it is bureaucratic and creates barrier to sensible uses of medical information. Some say that the Department of Health and Humans Services did not give enough support and education before the law went into effect. Some argued that the new regulations are written so broadly that patients do not have a say in how their medical information is used or shared by health plans, billing companies, drug companies, and consultants. Every doctors office in the country is changing its policies on what its patients can see, and how much of that information is made public. What are potential ramification to clients and organizations if the law is not followed? The potential ramification to clients is that ones information is given to other agencies and is used for other purposes other than medical. The organizations and clients could possible face some criminal penalties if this law is not followed. Criminal penalties for a violation of HIPAA are directly applicable to covered entities...

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