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Lawmakers Should Pass The Dream Act

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Imagine a world with an educated youth. Now imagine a parallel world where children are fighting to keep a smile on their faces, because, in truth, it is the only thing they have. In reality, this is what is happening. Youth, who have the privilege to be American citizens, are granted a very fulfilling education with a promise of a career. Children of illegal and undocumented immigrants do not have such luck. Some undocumented children in America have very promising futures and even a degree under their belts, but they cannot apply for a job because they have no proof of citizenship. A controversial topic is the matter of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education, for Alien Minors) ...view middle of the document...

Border officials also feel that the border protection is more of an issue than education at this point. One could say that many congressmen feel that this act will do more to hurt America than help.

I personally feel that the people who disagree on nominating the act are hypocritical. Didn’t their ancestors want to escape the horror and oppression of other worlds? America was, and still should be, a safe house for those who want a better life. If those people were put into that situation of trying to escape sorrow, I can guarantee that they would want America to allow their families citizenship. Who wouldn’t? This act, in truth, will not create a large scale migration. In fact, this act would help everyone from officials to officers to keep track of the immigrants that pose a threat. The statement that “education is the least of our worries” is so extremely false. Without education, America is letting illiterate non-citizens into the reality of life. The “reality of life” is that good smiles won’t give you everything and that education is essential in the growing world. The Border are just two words that spike a trill of uneasiness. Why? This is because many American citizens do not hear of the good, but of the bad. So, we as citizens (in our cozy little lives), don’t realize how hard it actually is to cross the border-- because it is so safe. So many Americans feel that the Dream Act was created to help the Democratic Party become more dominant with this Hispanic Race. This observation could not be more wrong. Again, would Congress really create an act just to help one little government party? Definitely not! So many undocumented immigrants want citizenship and, to help the American society, citizenship means paying taxes. America NEEDS this money. The strongest argument is simply this: America cannot afford not to pass the DREAM Act.

The Dream Act should not be considered a ploy or inconclusive act because it is a matter of life and death. Everyone is...

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