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I will be reviewing two different gyms, mainly critiquing their layout, design, equipment, application for purpose and how they could improve. Following my findings, I will be designing my own Strength and Conditioning facility.

The Yclub Manchester
The Yclub gym in Manchester is located in the city centre on Liverpool road, which is a road that comes off Deansgate where the Hilton hotel is. The accessibility of this gym from its location near a landmark makes it is easy to get to and on site gated member parking means safe parking for members which is rare in the city centre.
Entrance into the gym you are met by a small reception which is at the front of a small ...view middle of the document...

If all cardio equipment were moved back by 1 metre this would eliminate some of this problem, still leaving an adequate walk way for members. In the cardio area the paint colour is a deep purple and red colour. Published in the Biomedical Engineering International Conference (BMEiCON), 2014 7th, Watchara Sroykham. Abstract only. Sroykham conducted a study to test the effect on effect on physiology, psychology, cognitive performance and hormone production in the human. Participant was measure the EEG, ECG, SpO2, pulse rate, saliva hormone (melatonin, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, estradiol and DHEAS), and emotion. Sroykham’s findings stated that The results showed that red room regulates the tension, anger, vigor and confusion moods which stimulate significant increasing of the pulse rate and SpO2 and cortisol levels but blue room regulates the depression and fatigue. This could have a negative impact on training for the casual gym member, with the gym being city centre based a lot of the member’s finish work and use the gym as a stress relief tool, with Sroykhams findings on cognitive and physiological effect of the colour red in a room, coupled with hormonal response of exercise stress doesn’t make it an optimal environment for exercise, possibly even negative. Air conditioning is set at 22 degrees centigrade however it is very intermittent and you don’t really feel it. A lot of the time in the gym it is quite humid as there are no windows because of the air con. The flooring for the cardio area is laminate wood flooring, this looks aesthetically good however could be a slip hazard especially with possible sweat or spilt water on the floor. All pieces of cardio equipment are built by Life Fitness, the treadmills are 2 years old which is relatively new and are in good condition, they don’t have any damage, all emergency stops work and programme functions work. The seated bikes need to be replaced as they click on rotation and some have cosmetic damage. All other cardio equipment; rowing machines, elliptical trainers and step machines are fully functioning in good condition with no damage and all under 3 years old.
Situated behind the cardio area is the functional fitness area (Figure 1). This area consists of a TRX frame with 2 TRX suspension trainers, a kettlebell rack ranging from 2kg to 24kg, 4 exercise balls of different sizes, 1 Bosu ball and 4 power bags ranging from 5kg to 20kg. With the ‘functional training’ trend that has been a major selling point for gyms in the last 5-10 years and the benefits of it the space for this area is far too small. The area space for kettlebells is small which mainly allows movement for static lifts, at the most lunges. Furthermore, only having 2 TRX in a busy city centre gym is not enough, more could be provided to tie to the top of cable machines or have hooks in place on the ceiling. Trying The flooring for this area is rubber, allowing for weights to be dropped and gives a good grip, it is...

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