Layout Planning In A Small Business In Service Industry (Florist Shop)

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Executive SummaryThe florist outlet is a floral decorators (service) that is why it can be considered as more of a service organization than a manufacturing one.Cut flower harvesting is gaining popularity in Pakistan. This sector is attracting not just men but a lot of women into this business as well.Although a cut flower farm is a profitable and attractive venture, the grower is still not rewarded properly in financial terms for his/her work. Either the middleman or the shopkeepers make the profit. Shopkeepers enjoy the maximum margin.This report was prepared to provide general information about the management of operations at a flower outlet, for the reader.Most outlets are usually found ...view middle of the document...

Although a cut flower farm is a profitable and attractive venture, the grower is still not rewarded properly in financial terms for his/her work. Either the middleman or the shopkeepers make the profit. Shopkeepers enjoy the maximum margin.This report was prepared to provide general information about the management of operations at a flower outlet, for the reader.Overview Of The BusinessDemand for cut flowers is growing tremendously as more and more people are becoming aware of the beauty of flowers as decorative items. Weddings, birthday parties, seminars, and other such social gathering events are incomplete without floral decorationsLocation PreferenceMost outlets are usually found at busy locations in the city. To support the outlet a constant supply of roses and other flowers is required throughout the year.Industry EnvironmentAlthough there are many florist outlets in the city, the standard of flower outlets is not very good. This is an overall situation in the city. Most of these retail outlets exist in a group along some important shopping point or market. This is so because these have been established by the order of local municipalities. They do not have proper display facilities. They keep the flowers in water buckets and spraying them with water every few hours, in order to keep them fresh.All such outlets have limited variety. Simple bunch of flowers is the major selling product. Flower bouquets are also available. Loose rose petals are another form of very popular selling items, to be sprinkled on wedding invitees or for funeral bier.Other Important IssuesThe outlet serves as the center point of all sales activities. The whole concept of this report centers on the flower outlet. There are three segments of buyers from the outlet:a.Direct buyers of flower basket, bouquets, and bunch.b.Direct event decoration orders.c.Party decorators, event organizers, and offices.There reasons for the success of the outlet are:1.They are strategically located for easy access.2.They are the only known source for flower sales. People consider them as the only source to fulfill their demand.The second category of party decorators, event organizers, and offices also buy either from these outlets and/or different traders cum suppliers, who themselves buy directly from the market (mandi). In either case the quality is good with considerable variety and surety of consistency of supply.Market suppliers provide the city's flower outlets with high-quality flowers. The flower arrangement expert handles the flowers properly and creates beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, and bunches. There is considerable of variety to choose from.Besides selling flowers directly, the outlet also takes orders for party, offices, and wedding decorations. The outlet in Karachi is currently doing this and is a very successful business.Inventory ManagementRoses and other flowers are the inventories, as rose is the major selling flower. Plants are available from local nurseries....

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