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Leaders Essay

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To my English professor and my colleagues, a pleasant afternoon! I am here in front of the class for I am task to deliver a speech. My speech is about my journey as a leader.
The days I spent in the Supreme Student Government were the most memorable chapter I had in high school. Undeniably, I needed some sharpening, mostly painful ones, yet still I was able to surpass those trials making me stronger, wiser, and better as a person and as a leader.
For a long time, I thought that being a leader meant being in charge and telling everybody else what to do. When I joined my school’s Supreme Student Government way back in my junior year, I learned that it’s not about being “the boss.” All the members of the group tried to be “in charge” at once and because of this the ...view middle of the document...

Student leaders have the power to influence other students. If I came to school late or got a bad grade, one of the first things students would say was “aren’t you a student leader?” or “how are you coming to school late and you’re a student leader?” My peers were watching me and they were looking up to me. Many other students at The Sauyo High School agreed that being a leader is about setting an example. After realizing this, I started to be mindful of the things I said and did.
One thing is certain though – THE JOURNEY WAS NEVER EASY.
It was not easy for an ordinary girl like me to out stand other young brilliant leaders in our school given that I didn’t wake up in the family of rich and famous. It was not easy fighting and conquering my insecurities that mark ordinary persons like me. I only had with me my dream and my inspiration to become excellent out of my own hard work and determination. I am not a born leader. And as I take life driven with purpose, I become one.
As my term as SSG president ends, it is back to zero for me in college.  I haven’t been the “perfect” leader but I’ve done my best. I am aware that no matter how much I excelled in high school, situations will most likely turn me away from excellence especially when leadership sparks were already fading. But I fear not. I know that I will forever carry on with me the significant experience I had – including the learning I gained with the brilliant people I met who inspired me to have this drive and passion to lead and serve.
I will always look back to those sweet days I had when I was still President of the supreme Student Government. It was truly life-changing and character strengthening. I realized that leadership means creating a profound existence in this world.

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