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Leadership And Communication Essay

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Effective Leadership and Communication
COM 425

Effective Leadership and Communication
What is effective leadership? How effective is leadership without communication. To have success as a leader, you must have effective leadership and communication. You must develop an effective style leadership and communication that can deal with the different styles you may encounter in day to day operations. Would you agree the role or position has little or no bearing on a person’s ability to lead? As leaders we often struggle with maintaining a high level of production, positive work environment, and motivation within our organizations. We must ...view middle of the document...

Motivation comes in many different forms and we must apply them in the right situation or we may get a negative response. Motivation encourage people to take risks and as leaders we find what is needed to continuously motivate our employees to do their job, but do it to the best of their abilities and not be afraid of failing or making mistakes as long as their intentions are honest. From a communication perspective, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory suggests that dissatisfaction can be relieved by satisfactory communication and action directed toward hygienic work factors (Shockley-Zalabak, 2009). Taking the initiative and leading by example shows others your willingness to do a job and empowers them to want to emulate your actions. As part of leadership I feel that all decisions must be made and communicated with sound judgment, using past experience and backed by guidance, instructions and regulations.
When making decisions as leaders you must ensure you have the whole story before taking action. Rushing judgment can result in bad decisions; not having the facts will hinder our ability to make an educated assessment. If we make the effort to gather the facts and discuss the course of actions with all involved, the solution will have a better chance of being accepted by everyone when they feel they have “buy in”. Open communication and evaluating/reviewing all potential solutions, not rushing to judgment or making a rash decision are ways to overcome organizational barriers that may limit group creativity.   I think that controversy is the catalyst for decision-making and creativity, without controversy there would not be in-depth brainstorming when it comes to decision-making.  Without in-depth brainstorming our creativity would be limited.  Controversy can be positive or negative it depends on how the situation is managed when controversy arises. The structure for managing conflict that occurs in all groups and teams is the development of a Team Charter. This assignment provides teams with an ongoing mechanism for understanding team effectiveness and leadership within the team (J. Byrd & M. Luthy, 2010).
In the Air Force, leaders are held to a higher standard than the people they supervise; they are in a position to influence how the people that they supervise conduct themselves. We need to admit when we make a mistake and ask or even expect the same of our people. If we make a bad decision then we need accept responsibility. Wasting valuable time denying or trying to hide things that go wrong is simply unproductive, this is an opportunity to brainstorm possible solutions. As leaders we should not accept nothing less than the best from our people and ensure they have all the tools to perform the job. If we clearly define what is needed from our employees/staff there should be no reason for subpar performance. We should be giving our best and demanding their best, our employees will have a greater...

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