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“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence” (Colin Powell). Striking the manifesting ideals of loyalty in English Literature reflects a strong sense of character in the tales of Beowulf, Hamlet, and King Arthur. Bound to the history of the medieval times, their loyalty to their people, church, and effect on modern day chivalry has made a large impact.
The medieval times were always known for their concepts of knights, castles, the feudal system, and the chivalry that has been passed down through many generations that has created various stories. Throughout the period of medieval citizenship, a majority of the people had a high belief ...view middle of the document...

In any event, the ways of Arthur's court was highly available to the king at any time.
In the famous epic poem of Beowulf, the hero displays the devotion to his father and the Danes. The people of the Danes were highly profound for how they lived, for where in the epic Beowulf had shown the strengths of their civilization. “I shall stand by you” (Beowulf). This quotes Wiglaf who shows his faith in the cause by standing by Beowulf in the time to fight for his people, where they are both able to fight and protect their right for the people of the Danes. “Their deathless loyalty to their chief, whom they chose for themselves and hoisted on their shields in symbol of his leadership” (Long). For the loyalty to the leader also demonstrated how great of a leader Beowulf was, because leadership is not proven by the leader but by how many follow. Throughout his battle with Grendel and Grendel’s mother Beowulf and the fighters displayed great honor for their freedom of the beasts.
In the revengeful story of Hamlet, the support that benefited him was his friend Horatio, who played a big part in achieving Hamlet’s goal. “Observe mine uncle. If his occulted guilt, Do not itself unkennel in one speech, It is a damned ghost that we have seen, And my imaginations are as foul, As Vulcan's stithy” (3.2.80-84). Where throughout the story, having other associates of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were turned against Hamlet by Claudius for his own duties. "If 'a steal aught the whilst this play is playing, / And scape detecting, I will pay the theft" (3.2. 90-91), which declares Horatio’s full loyalty at looking upon Claudius’ reaction towards Hamlet’s play. Due to Horatio, Hamlet was able to complete another step to fulfilling his father’s plea to carry on his vengeance. Hamlet also displays a strong sense of his loyalty to his passed away father. In the beginning, Hamlet Sr., as a ghost, has came back to tell his son of his death by his brother, Claudius. For Hamlet Sr. is set to return to purgatory (place of remorse) after revealing his wishes for his son to enact revenge. “O cursed spite, / That ever I was born to set it right!” (1.5.197-198). Hamlet’s idea and purpose in killing Claudius is to bring rightful peace back to the state of Denmark. That is to say, Hamlet had a sense of loyalty to his father as Horatio had to him.
In the second place of loyalty in the medieval era, the society played a high part in their beliefs in the church/religious system. As the beliefs in Christianity were very immense, it also reflected towards their government and their morals. This idea is emphasizing the overall ideals of the medieval period. “Feudalism’s emphasis on loyalty and service just paralleled the values of the Christian Church” (Gorman). Benjamin Gorman believed that, "If there is an historic period that can capture the student's imagination, it is the era of knights, fair ladies, kings and castles. For many, the Middle Ages is a make believe...

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