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Leadership Practice Unit 5013

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The commercial world of today moves with an ever increasing pace, leaving businesses to adapt or react quickly to avoid being overtaken or leading to possible failure. For any business to survive and flourish long term they ultimately need a sense of purpose – a raison d’etre, a direction to follow and to know what exactly they stand for. Whilst it is true that often the values, beliefs and vision of a business is generally set in place by the business owners, CEO, MD, board members and ...view middle of the document...

) Communicate the vision by always speaking like a leader as well as constantly reminding their team of the ultimate purpose (b.) Inspire and continue to be a source of energy to their team (c.) Care about their people - empathy is the number one quality leaders must have. They must know at least the two most important things of their people. Whether its family, going back to school, or obtaining a promotion. They must make time to connect with each person on their team on a personal level. “This is the most important action of leaders. It facilitates trust and when people trust you as a leader, they take on more work without more pay and give you their all”.

Leaders on the other hand can sometimes be seen as a little distant from the day to day aspects of actually running the business, leaving the fundamentals such as planning and budgeting solely to management. For leaders to be effective as managers they must keep themselves grounded within the daily business focusing consistently on all five functions to achieve goals, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling. Doris Tirone (2010) comments that “Although leaders can learn to be effective managers, leadership is not necessarily something that effective managers can learn” For a leader to be an effective manager they will need to keep both feet firmly planted on the floor; they will need to be increasingly involved and accountable for planning, controlling budgets and resource management. “An effective leader will make the difference between success and failure in an Organization. An effective manager will create and implement great processes and systems to support the leadership vision – but this is not a substitute” (Cassidy, 2008).

“Successive studies have shown that getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on organisational performance in terms of profit, sales, growth and survival”. http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/further-education-skills/docs/l/12-923-leadership-management-key-to-sustainable-growth-evidence. (P.10)

Balancing the demands of management in a business against the demands for leadership on a given day will always be extremely challenging due to the many complexities that may arise, however, one thing is clear it is more likely leadership that is required as it requires the workforce to be motivated to rise to the challenge as argued by Tom Davenport (2008) “the right style of management…varies widely based on a number of factors–including the people being managed, the society in which you’re managing, and the task at hand“.

Leaders are hugely influential in any business, mainly due to the fact that it is human nature to look to your leadership for direction and ideas. Effective Leaders must have the ability to develop a vision that not only stands the tests of time, but have the same ability to communicate that very same vision into their hearts and...

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