Leadership And Performance In The Workplace

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Leadership and Performance in the Workplace
When there is an evident and effective leadership base displayed amongst an organization, then the performance in the workplace can be one of harmonious and success. Leaders and workers rely on one another to achieve the goals set forth within a company. Establishing diverse work groups and team concepts can unify those to be able to embrace and complete company objective set forth. Implementation of leadership theories as well as identifying various influences and powers amongst the management will help align the objective of a company with the people within it. Woody’s Veneer Factory is such a company that can positively harvest the various ...view middle of the document...

Though each person collaborates and has some comparable goals, he or she can achieve goals separate from the other, whereas the floor workers are considered a work team because he or she is unable to achieve goals adequately without his or her other teammates. Many group and team conflicts involved in Woody’s Veneer Factory are impacting the performance and diversity of the employees negatively. However, there are four important group concepts and two important team concepts that are resourceful. Roles, norms, group cohesiveness and process loss, are group concepts that are important for improving performance and diversity. Team commitment and team mental model are team concepts that will improve performance and diversity as well. “The concept of role implies that not everyone in a group or team has the same function or purpose. Formal roles are specified by the organization and are part of the formal job description. Norms are unwritten rules of behavior accepted by members of a work group. Group cohesiveness is the sum of the forces attracting group members and keeping the group together. All the time and effort expended on activities not directly related to production or task accomplishment are referred to as process loss. Team commitment is the strength of an individual’s involvement in a team, and consists of the acceptance of team goals, willingness to work hard for the team, and desire to remain on the team. Team mental model refers to the shared understanding among team members of the task, team, equipment and situation.” (Spector, pp. 312-315, 2008). Each concept underlies the behavior of groups and teams and will progress the performance and diversity of employees in the factory. In the Woody’s Veneer Factory scenario, the process loss concept can be utilized in order to influence better performance and diversity. The process loss theory is significant for better performance and diversity in Woody’s Veneer Factory because this theory focuses on issues that may hinder a person from putting full energy into job performance. If task accomplishment and production are extremely essential, each person that is part of the group will adjust and conform to what aids the group’s productivity, thus improving performance and diversity. A team concept that can be useful is the team mental model. If each member of Woody’s Veneer Factory would center on the nature of the job as well as coordinate with other members of the team, Woody’s Veneer Factory would be more sufficient and it will result in better job performance and diversity.
Theories of Leadership
Leadership involves influencing the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings of other people (Spector, 2012). The trait approach attempts to find characteristics that make people good leaders. The leader behavior approach assesses what leaders do instead of what their personal characteristics would be. Contingency theories, such as Fiedler’s and path-goal, state that leadership is a...

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