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Leadership And Your Career Essay

681 words - 3 pages

Leadership and Your Career
Cristina A Flores-Roselló
University of Phoenix
MGT/ 521
Dba. Carmen Bonilla-Quianes

Leadership and your career
Leadership is a characteristic that not many people possess. There are people that know how to drive a group or an organization but that is not the same as leading it. Leading is getting the organization or that group of people to a whole new level. When someone leads is aiming for a big change. Leaders also have traits like charisma, intelligence, persuasion, positive energy but the most important is that they influence almost everyone he or she touches.
The behavioral approach, especially the relationship oriented leadership is the ...view middle of the document...

This type of leader pursues organization’s goals over self-interest. This person is also emotional and intelligent and this characteristics are more important that the industry smart or the vision that the person has because he or she is going to lead with passion. There are few people that are in love with what they do. When you are infected of love and passion for what you do, you put your heart and soul so that the results get better with time. A transformational leader is proactive, agreeable and open to change. They are the ones that get down and do the job themselves, if they have to teach any of the employees of the company to do something they will and that establishes an organizational culture. Almost everyone will be available to help others and keep the organization working to be number one in their industry.
The fundamental thing to be a great leader is for you to keep learning and have the mind set on the goals that you need and want to achieve. Leaders are persons that care about helping others; they always want to see...

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