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Leadership Approach Paper

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Leadership Approach Paper


A simple definition of leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving common goals. A leader should have the ability to lead a group of people with high quality skills and influence others to follow in his or her direction. Leadership is defined as process of influencing others positive behaviors to achieve organizational goals. In this paper I will discuss one fundamental approach to studying leadership as well as the pro’s and con’s of this leadership approach. In addition, I will provide an illustration in which the leadership approach was used in my organization.

Leadership Approach Paper

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The Behavior Approach to Leadership

I chose to elaborate on the “behavior approach” to studying leadership. Robbins and Judge (2011) asserted behavioral leadership is the scrutiny of the engagements or performances that circumscribe a leadership approach. This theoretical tactic to interpretations of a leader’s design and, classifications of approaches that are allied with the proceedings the leader may consider or, techniques the leader may use to accomplish his or her goals. Behavioral leadership theory is most demonstrated in my workplace when a leader that exists gives others permission through the office in which he or she influences in his or her organization. My behavior approach at work demonstrates a bureaucratic transactional leader, as director of my department I manage “by the book.” Everything completed according to practice or principle. If a policy is not contained by the...

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