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Leadership Approches And Models Essay

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This paper introduces two models that support innovation in today’s business world. The Transformational Leadership Model and the Situational Model. Both models are described in depth and show how they can be used in today`s diverse workforce. The Discovery and Delivery Skills describes how the research in the Innovators DNA provides an inside look into how you can become more innovative.
In today`s fast pace get it done era, innovation is key in the success of any business. Leadership is vitally important and to combine styles and models to achieve success is needed in today`s market. Discovery and Delivery is an area where every leader or ...view middle of the document...

Intellectual stimulation is what influences the followers (Hitt, M.A., Haynes, K. T., & Serpa, R. 2010). Leaders challenge the followers to not only go against the status quo, but influences the intellect of the followers. Finally, the individualized consideration ensures the needs of the followers are met by the leaders as coaches or counselor relationship. The model of the transformational leader fits into the innovation roll quite nicely.
Linden's (1990, pp. 13-39) excellent review of the literature on innovation and entrepreneurship and the Rensselaerville Institute's (1987) monograph Assumptions for Innovation stress common themes concerning managers' roles in the process. First, managers create a supportive climate of risk- taking and lateral thinking within their organizations. For example, the Rensselaerville monograph specifies, Successful innovators tend to have a manager or sponsor who enables them. Few innovators succeed without support (Grady, D. O. 1992).
People can see that the fifth element in the Transformational Leadership Model is used to show support for innovative thinkers in companies worldwide. This allows the raised follower’s awareness of the importance of the designated outcomes. This also enables them to transform themselves from their self-interests, into the good of the organization, giving the desired outcome in their performance. The transformational model also is the basis for the expansion of the transformational theory used in business today. Managers who excel in the delivery skills portion of the quiz under the ideas of “The Innovator`s DNA” (Dyer, Gregersen and Christensen p.38-39, 2011) would do well in following the transformational leadership model.
Situational Leadership Model
Dr. Paul Hershey and Mr. Ken Blanchard created the Hershey-Blanchard Leadership Theory in 1977 this has become a model in its own right. This model focuses on four basic styles and relates to four basic maturity levels of the people needing guidance. The four styles are: telling, selling, participating and delegating. These coincide with the amount of direction the leader needs to contribute to each of the styles. Telling is the most hands on as the participants have the least skills and least wants to succeed. This continues up the line until one has reached the optimum department of delegating. This is the sweet spot that allows one to become an advisor and challenges the team to demonstrate their drive, commitment and knowledge.
Less than 5% of employee knowledge is tapped from the employee while they are in your employ (S. Kaplan InovationPointLLC, 2012). This is an alarming amount of un-tapped talent. The use of Hershey-Blanchard Situational Model to evaluate the employees and push the timid to become great innovators is an appropriate tool to achieve greatness. Flexible leadership is key in any company but that requires innovation. Innovation will disrupt the status quo and led to developing the new...

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