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Leadership In Action Essay

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Leadership in Action
Stephen Russell
University of Phoenix
Organizational Leadership
LDR 531
Mia-Anh Tran-Vuong
July 19, 2006
The formal organizational structure of S and F Company consists of a formal hierarchy. Comparably, the Navy operates as a formal hierarchy. It has a very extensive chain of command that starts at the President and ends at the lowest ranking individual. It also has a simpler chain of command that is broken down into geographical regions, echelons, units, and commands that allows it to operate daily at a lower level and without the need to report everything directly to the President. The structure of S and F does not empower the employees so there ...view middle of the document...

S and F use different structures and is both a departmental and chain of command type of structure. A good example of a departmental type of structure is Microsoft. Microsoft has applied de-centralization principles to align its flatter and scattered self-managed team concept even in areas of feedback and inputs.(Robbins and Judge, 2007) This has given autonomy to the individuals on how to manage themselves which is different from classical management or the chain of command structure. They are now able to contribute and participate in policy making. The result is flexible and responsive workforces of specialists who drive themselves and rely on the core group for direction and leadership only. S and F Company’s informal structure consists of teams that are closely aligned with their leaders, who are not yet influenced by the COO. The COO only has influence over the marketing manager because the other employees restrict themselves to official interaction with the COO and do not have complete trust in the new COO because they feel as if the position he fills in unnecessary especially from an outsider. The chain of command structure is evident between the CEO and COO and this type of structure needs to be implemented with each of the managers in web development, logistics, marketing and the project manager who in the future will report directly to the COO. The team structure will be utilized at the lower levels so each division can interact and share ideas. The way to make this team structure work is through employee motivation and satisfaction.

Leading Employees to Promote Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance.

The first thing that I as the COO need to do is create an Organizational Culture Profile. (Robbins and Judge, 2007 pg 132). Basically, I want to match the employee’s values with the organizations. Once I have assessed the employee’s values and personality then I can move forward with a plan to motivate them, give them job satisfaction and make them work as one big team. Empowering employees is the way to do this, and utilizing training and a ten step method will send a strong message that management cares about the employees.

Employee Motivation and Satisfaction. Motivation is based on intensity, direction and persistence, all three have a direct influence on how an employee becomes and stays motivated. (Robbins and Judge, 2007 pg. 186). Once employees are motivated they will be satisfied and their overall performance will improve. I recommend a ten step empowering employee process using the following steps:

• Demonstrate you Value People

• Share Leadership Vision

• Share Goals and Direction

• Trust People

• Provide Information for Decision Making

• Delegate Authority

• Provide Frequent Feedback

• Solve Problems

• Learn to Listen and Ask Questions

• Reward and Recognize for Empowered Behavior.

This ten step process will ensure...

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