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Leadership Is More Than Interpersonal Skills

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This paper will give a clear view on the importance of interpersonal leadership and how
developing the skills can give a team or an organization the confidence to aim high. This paper
will also briefly touch the general psychological aspect and relate leadership to it.

Positive Attributes of Interpersonal Leadership
Many researchers have backed interpersonal approach to leadership and have discussed how
developing the interpersonal skills can lead a team or an organization to a desired level of
success. There have also been researchers where it was observed that if leaders do not engage
with their employees, it cost the organization billions annually. In order to increase the profit
and minimize loss, organizations have put more effort into developing interpersonal skills and
enhance the financial performance (Hallberg and Schaufeli, 2006; Harter et al., 2002). Many
researches show that lack of interpersonal leadership results in anxiety and job stress (House
and Rizzo, 1972). With the help of interpersonal leadership, employees or members find
themselves to be a part of a non-threatening environment and it also reflects their physical,
cognitive and emotional investment in their jobs (Hansen, 2014).
According to Bies and Moag (1986), leaders who demonstrate interpersonal approach to
leadership also have the ability to empathize with others, respect and care about them and these
drive the employees to realize and reveal their full potentials. Other researchers like Avolio et
al. (2009) identified a literature gap in leadership and few also address this gap in the
interaction area. They heavily express their opinions in favour of the interpersonal approach
and how interacting and engaging with the employees will fill in all the leadership gaps that
are responsible for failure and demotivation. This expresses the view on the psychological
aspect of dealing with people and simply putting themselves in others’ situations and assessing
problems. Leading also includes motivating the employees or the members. To bring out the
best in them, interpersonal leadership plays a very important role.

The importance of trust is immense in terms of interpersonal relationship and also society and
organization (Zeffane, 2010). In every form of relationship, trust is one of the elements of
foundation that holds them. Having an interpersonal approach to leadership, a leader is able to
develop trust with the members or employees. Studies show that lack of trust can lead to low
productivity and also have an impact on the employee morale. Management scholars have also
studied and researched that a considerable amount of work is accomplished where the managers
interpersonally interact with the members of employees and it also determines their ability to
get their jobs done (McAllister, 1995). For example, if the trust between the managers and
employees is low, many micro-managing behaviours are observed, where managers go through

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