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The following is a case study on the life and character for Lord Michael Ashcroft. It involves a study of his leadership qualities and characteristics, and in depth personal SWOT analysis of his life and character, in addition to an examination of theoretical concepts.

2.1 Background of Lord Michael Ashcroft
Lord Michael Ashcroft was born on March 4th, 1946 and currently resides in the United Kingdom (U.K.) however he is also holds nationalities of Belize and Great Britain. Lord Ashcroft is versed in many fields and this is evident in his undertakings as an international businessman, philanthropist and politician. Apart from these endeavours, Lord Ashcroft is also ...view middle of the document...

It is also seen that such a quality is necessary in order to gain buy-in from subordinates to achieve various goals. Lord Ashcroft’s vision is also noted in his myriad of involvements e.g. charity, politics, education and entrepreneurship. ]

3.3 Strategic Planner
Another aspect of effective leadership is being a strategic planner – although this is related to developing a clear vision and mission, it is important for Lord Ashcroft to be strategic in his endeavours. This strategic thinking is evident in his business undertakings as his ability to transform failing organizations into profitability. It is also seen that his strategic thinking is prevalent in his ability to anticipate trends in knowing when investments should be made and when support needs to be withdrawn.

This quality is important in leadership; strategic thinking gains the trust and support of followers, which will in turn result the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Possessing this quality also aids and enhances the organization performance as it gives direction and aids in achieving sustainable competitive advantage.
3.4 Transformational Leadership
It is important to have qualities of transformational leadership given the business endeavours Lord Ashcroft undertakes. Elements of transformational leadership are evident through his ability turnaround businesses through inspiring and motivating the current workforce. As a transformational leader Lord Ashcroft is highly visible and maintains constant communication with his team, which important for impacting the strategic direction necessary in taking the company forward.

In addition, his ability to influence persons to identify with various projects is an essential aspect of leadership as it is important for Lord Ashcroft given his involvements in the many varied fields of endeavours – i.e. charities, politics etc. to motivate persons to identify with such in order to achieve various goals. Lord Ashcroft’s success is highly dependent on his ability to motivate and inspire persons to identify with such.

3.5 Strong & Dedicated Executive Leadership Team
Lord Ashcroft’s success is based on the dedication of a strong and supportive team. Based on his variety of endeavours, having a strong team is essential to his success. Given the range of disciplines he is involved with, support was needed in order to achieve success. Lord Ashcroft needed to be heavily reliant on the expertise of those in the various fields in order to achieve success. His networking skills has partially enabled his success.

3.6 Communication Skills
Effective Leadership requires proper communication skills. Lord Ashcroft has portrayed communication skills which is apparent in his dealings with varied personalities and nationalities across the various disciplines. He has developed the skills to adapt to the various undertakings and relate to the variety of personalities encountered, not...

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