Leadership Self Assessments Essay

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Leadership Self Assessments
August 29, 2012
Business Management

Before starting this class I didn’t think much about what the content would entail in detail. “Strategic Leadership” was just a title to me; a hurdle in the road on the way to graduation. My original thoughts were, “I’ve managed before effectively but I am not much of a leader”. After the first week and a half however, I am finding that there may be some dormant leadership qualities in me that have yet to be tapped.
This week in class, we were asked to take a couple of Personality and Emotion Quizzes/Assessments. I didn’t think much of it other than it was necessary to help pass the class. These assessment combined with ...view middle of the document...

I am comfortable in social settings and I am just as comfortable by myself. Next was Agreeableness. Again, this was spot on. I try to keep a good attitude in any situation. The finally results of the assessment was Neuroticism. I scored in the 1st percentile in this category. What can I say, I try to stay cool. A standard that I try to like by is “work to control the controllable, influence the influence able, everything else is just wasting your energy on needless worrying.” I found my results to be very accurate; however I pride myself on being self-aware so everything about this set of results came as no real surprise.
Following the Big 5 Personality Assessment was the Emotional Quiz. This quiz presented a set of situational questions that helped measure your level of emotional intelligence (About.com, 2012). My score on this indicated that I have a high emotional intelligence. I feel that this quiz was also very accurate. I do tend to be very understanding and I pride myself on being easy to talk to. A couple of flaws that I noticed in myself is that I do tend to get caught up emotionally in other people’s problems from time to time and because of my trusting nature, at times I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. Realistically, other than that I feel like I am where I need to be.
I took a couple of other assessments that I thought would beneficial but they didn’t seem to have the punch that the first to did and one in particular, the Locus of Control didn’t seem very accurate to me at all and I couldn’t understand how it came up with its results. One of the others that I looked was Jung’s Typology:...

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