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Leadership Skills Essay

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Leadership Skills
BUS660: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
Instructor:  Jean Gordon
Leadership Skills
Organizations need great leaders to help them successfully survive the many difficulties of this challenging and changing economy. These leaders must find ways to keep the momentum alive within the organization. Leaders must be able to develop people, influence others, encourage team work, and empower others. They must have the leadership skills needed to move the business forward. Some leadership skills that can assist leaders understand group needs, controlling the group, and problem solving.
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Leaders listen: The second quality is that leaders must have good listening skills. Without listening to their followers, leaders cannot understand their point of view and it makes it hard for them to lead effectively. After all, the job of a leader is to share the knowledge among all group or team members and without communication effectively, it is impossible to lead. So, leaders must have good listening skills, so they can give proper feedback to their followers. Good leaders not only listen with their ears but they also use their eyes to listen to their followers. Sometime words that are unsaid say a lot and good leaders are aware of this fact.
Leaders learn continuously: The third quality is that a good leader understands that the learning never stops and he/she tries to learn from people around. Leaders learn by observing how people behave or how they react to different issues. Leadership is all about making a difference, so if a leader is unable to make a positive change to the group or team he/she is leaders, he or she is not a good leader. So, good leaders always look over the shoulders of their followers to continue learning and it helps them to test their own skills. They need to look ahead, for example, if things are going their way in the present, they don’t rely on that, but they are always keen to improve themselves.
Leaders love: The fourth quality is that good leaders always admire the good work of their followers. Leaders make their followers believe that nothing is...

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