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Leadership Style Essay

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cBecause of the major shifts in all aspects of organizational life, a new kind of leadership is emerging.

It is the kind of leadership that enables the exploration of new and innovative ways to drive value and deliver real results in an ever-changing business environment. This new leadership allows individuals and organizations to thrive at the edge of chaos, inspiring the innovation and creativity needed to develop new products and technologies, even new business models that can lead to sustainable competitive advantage in the new economy. This new form of leading is called “transformational leadership”.

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It’s about creating synergies between people, process, an technology. It’s about influence vs. control.

• Chaos: This idea points to the sheer magnitude of interconnections, relationships, and dependencies that defy categorization and manipulation. It is also about the natural order inherent in seemingly chaotic events that can be harnessed as a source of creativity, innovation, and inspiration.

• Willingness: is about influence, confluence, and synergy vs. domination, control of willfulness. To be willing is to attract and allow things (people, process, technology, opportunity) to self-organize vs. imposing order and “making things happen”.

• Defiance: This is about standing in the face of opportunity, at the edge of what is possible, and doing everything humanly possible (ethically and morally correct) to achieve goals that drive the mission and fulfill the vision of the organization.

Leaders who bring about important changes are said to exercise transformational leadership. In recent years transformational leadership has become a major new emphasis in studying leadership partly because so many organizations need to be transformed.

In study of leadership charisma is a special quality of leaders whose purposes, powers and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others. A key dimension of Charismatic leadership is that it involves a relationship between the leader and the people being led. The beliefs of the group members must be similar to those of the leader, and unquestioning acceptance of and affection for the leader must exist. The group members must willingly obey the leader, and they must be emotionally involved both in the mission of the leader as well as their own goals. Finally they must have a strong desire to identify with the leader.

Transformational leaders are the ones who motivates individual more than the individual expects himself to perform. This results in an overall development of the leader and the following. It also raises hierarchy of need from satisfaction towards self-actualization.

Transformational leadership has four components:

• Idealized influence: having a clear vision and sense of purpose. Such leaders are able to win the trust and respect of followers.

• Individual consideration: paying attention to the needs and potential for development of their followers, delegating, coaching and giving direction and constructive feedback.

• Intellectual stimulation: actively soliciting new ides and new ways of doing things.

• Inspiration: Motivating people, generating enthusiasm, setting an example, being keen to share the load.

Charisma and Transformational leadership are closely intertwined, though all charismatic leaders may not be transformational. The specific characteristics of transformational leaders listed below apply to leaders in general.

• VISION: A transformational leader offers an exciting image of where the organization is headed and how to get there. A vision...

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