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Leadership Style Indicator Essay

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This summary uses your responses to the questions to examine how you relate to six different styles of leadership. No one of these aspects of leadership is any more or less important than any of the others, - they complement and balance each other. Clearly too, this report is based only on your answers. For each area your answers are combined to give a rating between 5 and 25, where a score of 25 would suggest that you see yourself as very strong in this area, and a score of 5 indicates that you do not see this as your area of strength. The important thing is to look at the relative scores between the areas. Do take time to appreciate, and thank God for the ...view middle of the document...

In a Christian context we can quote Philippians 3:"forgetting what is behind, and straining for what lies ahead". Pioneering leaders are passionate about the vision, and are wholly committed to it. Paul is a great example of a leader who was focussed on pushing out the boundaries of the church, despite the personal risk. Pioneering leaders are at their strongest in the early stages of a vision or project, excited by seeking out where God is calling. However as time passes they may lose interest in the implementation of a vision, eager to be looking ahead to the next challenge. Strategic Leadership. (q8+q10+q16+q28+(6-q21)) Leaders who can break down visions and large aims into manageable chunks are vital for the church. Strategic leaders have the insight and focus to work out ways of achieving the vision, the "how", and are able to persuade the rest of the church to accept this plan. When Nehemiah led the Jews in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, he demonstrated great strategic leadership in dividing the work up, and in keeping the task manageable. His plan was so good, the walls were rebuilt in 52 days.
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Strategic leaders can bring common sense to a difficult task - able to help people see how the seemingly impossible can be achieved. However, like pioneers, they can be less engaged with the implementation of a task, preferring to leave this to others. Management / Administration - (q2+q9+q18+q24+(6-q15)) All churches require good stewards and managers, people with gifts of administration (Acts 6). Any vision or change will require people able to plan and problem solve, delegate and organise. Without this gift, the best plans may well not get implemented! The apostles delegated the practical tasks of sharing food and taking care of the widows to those gifted with the necessary skills, including Stephen and Philip. Managers are often under appreciated, having a leadership style which is less "up-front" than some of the other styles. However, much of the work simply would not get done without them. They are able to organise, and follow through on all the necessary tasks and activities to ensure that the project is completed on time. They may struggle to relate to the visionary pioneers - dreaming of achieving the impossible is not their home ground! Team Leadership. (q6+q12+q25+q30+(6-q23)) Here we include leadership in a group context, whether the leader has a formal...

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