Leadership Styles Essay

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Leadership Style

Leadership Style
There are a variety of ways to be a leader, but a charismatic leader guides by using self-confidence and charm. The individuals personality attracts attention to gain admires and use others admiration to influence individuals to follow. Charismatic leaders have good intentions and values powered by inspiration, which transforms the people she reaches to. Charis Lincoln, a friend, leader, and role model possesses these characteristics by reaching out to others through YouTube about faith, love, and beauty.
Leadership Role Model
Charismatic leaders have a clear vision of where he or she wants to go and how to get there by articulating the vision to ...view middle of the document...

At a recent conference Charis shared what inspires her she says every single person she comes into contact with is an inspiration. Charis says, “haters gonna hate, brush it off and turn it into a positive experience.” By following the charismatic leadership social and personal skills Charis instills confidence in her subscribers. She is willing to help others reach success by sharing her personal experiences of failure, success, and how to deal with hate.
Personal Evaluation
Stephanie’s leadership style is democratic leadership by actively involving employees in the decision making process that allow leaders to have the final say encouraging collaboration in the work place allows employees to have an active choice in the decision making process. As a democratic leader, Stephanie inspires cooperation amongst employees by inviting others to discuss the factors, which influence a particular decision. This allows for a team to understand the reasoning behind the decisions being made. Like the charismatic leader, democratic leadership includes the creativity and support of managers to encourage everyone to share ideas. Combining both democratic and charismatic...

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