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Leadership Techniques Essay

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Project teams are multifaceted inter-reliant structures that must be analyzed and deconstructed in order to ensure success. The goals of project teams include, performing a task on an agreed time, ensuring a quality end product, and ultimately bringing satisfaction to investors. The success of project teams depends on three main ideas, an organized leadership structure, understanding project goals and identifying success factors in project teams.
To establish effective project teams a leadership structure optimizing maximum results must be agreed upon. According to a study done by Drexel University analyzing effective leadership styles to produce effective project teams, “[…] effective ...view middle of the document...

According to Overcoming asymmetric goals in teams: The interactive roles of team learning orientation and team identification, “[A]symmetric goal problems can be best overcome by developing high levels of team identification among members” the issues are effectively resolved through cognitive amalgamation. Project goals become well defined with communication of personal ideas, and the ability of team member to understand the difference between personal project goals and the project goals of the group as a whole. Understanding the difference between these ideas helps to build team identity and hence permit a deeper understanding of objective requirements.
Identifying factors which will lead to a success or failure is critical when discussing ways to build effective project teams. A study conducted by Irja Hyväris’ titled ‘Success of projects in different organizational conditions’, the author states, “The success and failure factors were […] ability to coordinate, effective leadership, commitment and flexibility with resources, support from the upper management, clear job description” (Hyväri, I.2006, Pg,39), clear structure, and taking into account existing economics. This study focuses on identifying key behaviors associated with project success such as understanding task perception as well as a center on task understanding. The study concentrates on five groups, project, project manager, project team, organization, and external environment. CSF’s or critical...

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