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Leadership Vs Management Essay

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Leadership and management are two terms which are often used interchangeably in corporate settings to describe a position of directing teams of people. However, as similar as they may sound, each of them has very different meanings.
Management refers to roles which typically involve supervising employees. The scope of a manager’s responsibility may differ based on his position; a human resources manager has to ensure that his subordinates arrange and carry out recruitment to occupy vacant company positions, while a finance manager has to organize the collection of commercial trends and aid decision making of the higher-ups based on analyses. The manager is responsible for creating and ...view middle of the document...

The leader often has a high emotional intelligence level, which enables him to proactively interact with his employees, providing them with the drive to put in extra effort and produce better results for the organization.
A leader is often more concerned about the long-term goals of his organization, and thus is someone who is able to identify and visualize directions for his organization. He is also able to look at the big picture, to assess the capabilities and performances of the different areas within the organization and synthesize them in a way that is in line with its strategic directions. Thus, leadership qualities are usually seen in the top executives of companies, whose roles require them to be able to oversee the operations of the entire organization and plan for its future. The quality of a leader is usually what makes or breaks an organization, which one can clearly see from successful examples such as the late Steve Jobs of Apple Inc.
For an organization to truly succeed, it will need to have both good management and leadership. These two terms describe personalities which are completely opposite but as a result, the perfect complement for one another. No matter how brilliant a leader is, his ideas and strategies for the organization will be of little use if there are no managers around to direct their individual departments to bring the long-term plans to fruition. Instead, all that will result will be an organization with little sense of structure, with no one to coordinate communications between departments as well as employees. Similarly, an effective manager alone will barely make a difference to the organization as the lack of a good leader will mean that it is likely to stick to the status quo; individual departments would maintain positive results each quarter, but there is no one to provide the direction for the organization to improve itself and maintain its competitiveness. Moreover, the lack of a charismatic leader would most probably result in an environment of low morale, as employees are driven by little...

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