Leading And Managing Care Essay

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The aim of this essay is to reflect on the writer’s experiences in clinical setting by examining the leadership, management and team working skills used to promotion good practice during placement.

The writer will use the SWOT analysis attached in the appendix A, to self-analyse its abilities and potentials in terms of its strengths and weaknesses demonstrated during placement while exploring the different leadership strategies and approaches used in planning and delivering of high standards of care, the impact of clinical governances and audit in meeting standards and performances, and the effect of collaborative work within team and other multi-disciplinary teams in achieving ...view middle of the document...

Sullivan and Decker (2009), describes leadership as a way of influencing others at work toward achieving a common goal. Leadership sometimes appears in a person’s trait, function within an organisation, or by influence formed in an organisation culture through the abilities, personalities and intelligence the person possesses. D .Taylor (2014)
Leadership in the health sector is about demonstrating good personal qualities through providing high standards of care to service users. Through collaborative works, setting directions, improving services, creating visions, managing , involving and delivering strategies to achieve positive outcomes. NHS leadership framework(2012).
Management involves planning, organising, directing and controlling the effort of others by using all available resources to achieve its goals. (Stoner., et al. 1995).Both leadership and management are distinctive and complementary because they set new direction and manage the resources available to achieve a given objective. J. Kottertive (RCN) (N.D). Therefore, leading should not be restricted only to those in designated positions.

As a leading Nurse, the writer is responsible for managing the care environment, setting directions, motivating others, involving patients, their families and colleagues as much as possible and sharing experiences. (Cummings and Bennett, 2012). Over the years, Nurses have been neglected to lead and manage the trust. The need for nurse leaders were advocated due to the recent event that have unfolded within the NHS king’s fund (2011) and Francis (2010) report.

The king's fund (2011) recognized issues of lack of good practice amongst nurses’ leaders with inadequate training to manage and support their role, and more. Similarly, the Francis report (2010) for Mid-Staffordshire NHS foundation trust also identified problems of lack of good leadership. Poor performances on clinical audit, lack of clinical engagements due to negligent of staff in observing clinical governance and meeting national standards of performances in audit. Francis et al (2013).

Effective change management in any organisation needs people with a vision and good leadership style. Daniel G (2004) stated that modern days nursing require emotionally intelligent nurse leaders with the right style in managing others at work. The six leadership styles identified are the: visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting and commanding leaders. The student Nurse applied the charismatic leadership style to inform, involve, encourage, solve problems and share decision-making with the team and patients (Hogan and Hogan 2001).

One of the major principles that underpinned the implementation of these leadership styles are the behavioural/transformational leadership theories where the writer demonstrated flexibility, adaptability, and encouraged continued development follow-up plan. The mentor and the team welcomed the ideas and approval granted towards...

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