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Leading For Change Essay

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Leading for Change
Change Presentation

1. Is the need for change at Unitel a consequence of internally or externally driven factors? Explain your answer!
Unitel’s need for change was driven by an external driven factor. An external driven factor is an outside influence that forces an organisation to adapt to the changing markets (new technology), population and economic situation, pushing the organisation to change and adapt to a new environment. It is evident that Unitel was formerly owned by the government but was later privatised in the early 1990s. When a company becomes privatised, this is categorized as an external factor because it goes beyond the control of the company. ...view middle of the document...

Implementing Vision 2020 was recognised by senior management creating an internal factor of change through their employees, developing teams (action and change) to achieve the organisation’s profitability. The organisation’s culture was shifted since they encouraged their employees through a bottom-to-top management style approach, encouraging and supporting employees to connect and collaborate in working and learning together.
Stace & Dunphy’s (1993)
According to Stace & Dunphy’s model, change depends upon two major factors:
* The scale of change or how big is the change
* The leadership styles involved in implementing the change
Styles of Change Management | Scale of Change |
Collaborative: This involves widespread participation by employees in important decisions about the organization’s future, and about the means of bringing about organizational change. | Fine Tuning:Organizational change which is an ongoing process characterized by fine tuning of the “fit” or match between the organization’s strategy, structure, people, and processes. Such effort is typically manifested at departmental/divisional levels. |
Consultative: This style of leadership involves consultation with employees, primarily about the means of bringing about organizational change, with their possible limited involvement in goal setting relevant to their area of expertise or responsibility. | Incremental Adjustment: Organizational change which is characterized by incremental adjustments to the changing environment. Such change involves distinct modifications (but not radical change) to corporate business strategies, structures, and management processes. |
Directive:This style of leadership involves the use of managerial authority and direction as the main form of decision making about the organization’s future, and about the means of bringing about organizational change. | Modular Transformation:Organizational change which is characterized by major realignment of one or more departments/divisions. The process of radical change is focused on these subparts rather than on the organization as a whole. |
Coercive: This style of leadership involves managers/executives or outside parties forcing or imposing change on key groups in the organization. | Corporate Transformation: Organizational change which is corporation-wide, characterized by radical shifts in business strategy, and revolutionary changes throughout the whole organization. |

2. Who would you appoint to develop and implement change: an internal or external change agent? Explain why.
A change agent is an individual or group that undertakes the task of initiating and managing change within an organisation. A change agent must display skills and competencies to successfully implement a change, some are:
* Tolerates ambiguity
* Influences others
* Confronts difficult issues
* Listens well and empathises
* Recognises own feelings and intuitions

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