Leading To The Best Of My Ability

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Leading to the Best of My Ability

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Leading to the Best of My Ability
Leadership is crucial in every business, organizing committee and personal project. Different leadership styles can affect the outcome of performance from workers. The servant-leadership style reflects the characteristics I use in leadership, along with the desire to lead others in a way I would appreciate being led. My style includes being helpful, motivating, encouraging, supportive, and a good listener. Quality leadership covers a variety of needs of workers and the outcome of good job performance, job satisfaction, and motivated employees.
The Organizational Behavior textbook defined leadership as influencing others to voluntarily pursue organizational goals (Kinicki and Kreitner, page 346).  My leadership experiences were in a church setting, for several committees, such as the special events committee chair, youth leader, and church ...view middle of the document...

 Overall, each attribute was used in some fashion to help with the growth of the church.
The Your Leadership Legacy on-line assessment consists of 30 questions to determine the leadership styles and strengths for leaders (Galford & Maruca, 2011).  My outcome indicates leadership strengths in both Experienced Guide and People Mover.  The Experienced Guide's ability to listen, think of themselves in others' shoes and has a way of helping people think through their problems. The People Mover's ability to provide motivate with nurturing qualities and the one to introduce new people to new ideas and paths.  The Ambassador style is my third highest score. This style's ability to handle a variety of situations with grace, gentleness and can be respectfully persuasive. The assessment suggests I should be mindful of the affect my leadership has on those who work with me.  My personality lines up with the assessment outcome and I agree with the results.
            Personally, I have never wanted to be in a leadership role because of the responsibility that falls back on the leader to ensure the work is completed, goals are met and the mission is accomplished.  As I look back, a lot of the roles and responsibilities I have taken on included just that and it all come naturally for me.  My desire has always been to ensure that tasks are completed, while supporting others to achieve their dreams.  The servant-leadership, experienced guide and the people mover styles includes characteristics I want in a leader and hopefully what workers receive from me as a leader.

Kinicki, A., & Kreitner, R.  (2009). Organizational behavior: Key concepts, skills & best practices (customized 4th ed., pp. 346-370). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9780073381411
Galford, R., & Maruca, R. (2011). Your Leadership Legacy. Retrieved on November 20, 2011

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