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Leading With Vision Essay

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Leading with Vision

This essay summarizes the importance of leading with vision and goal setting. An effective leader understands and recognizes the importance of creating and communicating a clear vision as well as setting the goals to achieve said vision. Important aspects of setting goals, goal characteristics and the six steps of goal setting are detailed.

Leading with Vision
Leading with a clear and concise vision or purpose is the primary step to developing and leading a team. According to Friedman (2013), “True leaders lead with vision. The best and most effective leaders are able to ...view middle of the document...

The more people that have input on the setting of goals, the more buy-in or team ownership there will be and the higher likelihood of success. Finally there needs to be a process developed to achieve each goal. Simply creating a goal without a plan or process to effectively reach the goal is moot and a waste of time.
Goal Characteristics
As per detailed in the U.S. Army Handbook (1983), there are four characteristics of goal setting: goal difficulty, goal specificity, feedback and participation in goal setting. Goal difficulty relates back to the first step in goal setting, attainability. If a goal challenges an employee and enhances performance, it is attainable but if it is set too high an employee will give up and fail to attain the goal.
Goal specificity simply means that the goal is clearly communicated to the employee in specifics rather than generalities. If an employee is told that the goal is to increase sales of widgets by ten percent by the end of the quarter, this is an attainable goal. Conversely if the employee is simply told to do their best to increase sales of widgets by the end of the quarter, this goal is non-specific and is much more difficult to measure and be held accountable.
Feedback regarding goals and goal achievement as stated in the U.S. Army Handbook (1983), “enhances the effect of goal setting”. Performance feedback can be in the form of reports and/or one-on-one manager feedback, helping to keep the employee focused and on target.
The final characteristic of goal setting, participation, is similar to the team involvement aspect previously discussed. Not only is there more ownership in goals when set by a team; when individuals participate in the process of goal setting, they tend to set higher goals for themselves than having someone else set goals for them.
Six Steps
Implementing the vision depends on the setting of goals. To set goals there are six steps as defined by Big Dog & Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition (2013).
* Step 1 – Vision
* Step 2 – Goals
* Step 3 – Objectives
* Step 4 – Tasks
* Step 5 – Timelines
* Step 6 – Follow-up
Setting a clear vision as previously...

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