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League Of Legends Essay

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Jeffrey Davis
Marilynn Turner
ENG 111
March 25, 2012
Sony’s PlayStation Vita
Few things get gamers worked up to the level of pure optimism and excitement than a release of a new console does. New games are always fun, they extend the lives of consoles, but there’s no better feeling to a gamer than the prospects of completely new technology and all the possibilities that can unfold from them. This time around it is a new handheld gaming device that is quite possibly the last device of its market. A majority of the mobile gaming market has been recklessly taken over by smart phones and tablets, leaving even the gaming handheld emperor, Nintendo, wondering how the dominance it has ...view middle of the document...

OLEDs are also considered green technology because they use considerably less electrical power than a standard LED unit does, and does not require you to simultaneously light the screen so you can see it in the dark. The colors the screen displays are extremely vibrant and the screen resolution exceeds that of existing LCD flat screen high-definition televisions. The Vita can create up to 16 million colors to show onscreen and it displays images at 1080 pixels per square inch giving crystal-clear quality. When playing any games on the system, the first thing that jumps out at you is the fact that it surprises you how far mobile technology has gone within the last five years. I did not think graphics like this could be possible on a mobile platform this small. If I could give the display a fault, it would be that we, as human beings, create too much oil within our fingertips and it smudges the screen very, very easily. Investing in a lint-free cloth to continuously wipe the system down is extremely important.
Taking the sudden burst of cell phone and tablet gaming into account, the Vita has borrowed a lot of access functions from its competitors. Although the previous iteration of the PlayStation handheld had wireless internet access, the Vita has optimized its wireless capability, making it at least four times faster in access speeds, while also partnering with AT&T to provide wireless 3G network connections so that you do not have to be near a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep yourself connected to the network. It garners the use of “Apps” much like its cell phone counterparts and has many mobile apps that smart phone users enjoy today, like Facebook, EBay, GPS, and mobile e-mail. It has a touch-sensitive interface like most high-end smart phones and is extremely responsive to even the slightest touch, which is sometimes a drawback because your fingers may slip sometimes from the buttons on the sides of the screen and you may inadvertently interact with areas of the screen you had no intentions of touching. My other complaint about the Vita is the fact that other tablets and smartphones have had multiple generations of devices to draw their own interfaces from, while the Vita just feels new and clunky. It’s not optimized for simplification and loading apps take multiple button presses to activate. Future updates will easily rectify this problem but for now, it just feels like a user interface from five years ago.
The biggest selling point of the system is that you are playing console-quality video games on the go. The graphics of the system, rival even that of its big brother: the PlayStation 3. Not only do the games look beautiful, they play beautifully as well. The advantage the Vita has over the other mediums is the existence of traditional gaming buttons as well as a touch interface. You can play games such as Angry Birds for a good quick burst, while also being able to play masterpieces like the Uncharted series for those long road trips or...

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