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Learning And Development Activities Essay

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1. Active participation is an approach that enables residence to be included in their care and have a greater say in how they live their life in ways that matter to them. Active participation is an approach that empowers residents in the activities and relationships of everyday life leading to them living as independently as possible. The importance to the resident as an active partner in their own care or support is that it brings physical, psychological, relational and over all wellbeing benefits.

The benefits of active participation can be divided into primary benefits and secondary benefits.

Primary benefits include:

- Physical benefits including greater activity levels.
- Increased independence and autonomy in what people do.
- An opportunity for resident in ...view middle of the document...

The secondary benefits can be described as benefits that occur as a result of active participation but are not a direct aim of active participation. These include:

Decreasing the likelihood of abuse. As the resident engages positively by actively participating is area of their life such as in personal care the scope for abuse by others is reduced.

Decreasing vulnerability. As individuals gain in their self confidence and self esteem they are less prone to exploitation and harm from others.

2.The purpose of having a range of different learning activities is because individuals may learn things in different ways such as by doing something or reading something. The different activities also offers a diversity of knowledge so they will be entertained at the same time as they are not doing the same activity over and over again. It also help the resident from becoming bored and quickly losing interest. Having different range of activities make it fair everyone.

3.Residence needs such as mental health or physical health can influence how development activities are delivered because the resident may require extra help or have to learn different. For example if somebody is blind, you cannot give them a learning activity that requires reading, the same as if an resident was deaf you cannot expect them to learn through listening activities. Even residents with dementia may find it hard to do activities such as in a large group as they might find it hard and confusing so it's best to try in a smaller group or one to one basis where you can sit with them to assist with the Resident. Also resident preferences may also influence how a learning activity is accessed or delivered because if an individual does not like the activity or the way you have to complete the activity, they will not want to participate.

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