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A learning block that would prevent language learning is age. Children learn their language within family settings or in their environment. A child from a non-English speaking family is immersed in the language in school with friends and the environment. As Torras, Tragant and Garcia said “the younger they are, the more they are like sponges, the more they absorb, the more they retain. “ In a foreign language setting the age range over which learning takes place should be taken into account due to the influence on the process and the final outcome than the initial age when the amount of exposure and learning is minimal. It can be claimed that the initial point of learning can’t ...view middle of the document...

It is up to us to figure out creative and innovative ways to make learning fun. The teacher can make a variety of activities can be made or divide the class into groups make the lesson into a game.
Another block to language learning is shyness. Some students may be unwilling to take the risk to speak and listen in the new language and they won’t learn the language. Some students might be the type to just sit in the back of the class and won’t participate in the lesson. Students may be scared or won’t feel safe in class with being taught something in a new culture and that will not make progress. If a student has a hearing or bad eyesight is a learning block especially if he or she thinks they will be picked on by the students for not catching on as fast as the other students. It is hard to reach students that are shy about learning so you might have to take a different approach by maybe taking them aside and helping them one and one so they can fully understand it.
All students don’t learn at the same pace so the students that are somewhat behind may need some afterschool tutoring to help them get caught up to speed. When I was in high school I had to take Spanish and it was very hard to understand and I was the shy kid in the class that hardly spoke so I was kind of behind but teacher s were there afterschool to help me and lack of motivation was another learning block for me especially if the topic was uninteresting to me. I usually dazed off in class and didn’t pay attention so of course I feel behind in my work.

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That statement is a powerful one because it is saying you control you own success and destiny...

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