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Learning Curve Theory Essay

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Reexamining Original Process
Originally there were certain decisions made on why each country was chosen. Apparently there has been some change due to the recent situation at hand. The country chosen to supply the control chip remote has an on time delivery rate of 82%. This is obviously unacceptable and Canada will no longer be the country to be able to continue to do business with. The organization seeks to introduce a new version of an automotive keyless entry fob. For the success of the organization, time is a major factor since most of the parts are from global purchasing. The organization is called The x factor Designs.
Alternative Process
The x factor Designs takes great ...view middle of the document...

It was admirable to be able to work with a culture whose style of etiquette has been practiced since the days of Confucius. The rules of etiquette are called the li. It consists of rules of conduct changing to help and guide interpersonal associations. After being able to understand their culture, it made it easier to negotiate with them.
The evaluation process was just the first step on cross-border understanding.
Decision and Planning Impact
The x factor Designs understands the certain business factors which may impact the planning and decision-making. Originally, Japan was chosen for the country to produce the transmitter. It was more then just broad knowledge of the country and its reputation on electronics.
The CEO of The x factor Designs (Cecile J Durand) resided in Tokyo, Japan for two months. In those months she got to experience their culture first hand. From the phenomenal customer service at an average McDonalds to the people in the subway providing their assistance when she was lost. They went out of their way to make sure she was okay. She did not speak the language and could not read Kanji, yet she submerged herself in their culture, wanting everything they had to offer.
Even though Japan and China are two completely different countries, The x factor Designs understood the similarity in respect they share for one another. The decision to choose China was due to the previous choice of Japan and already knowing the negotiation styles were not too far off from each other.
Statistical Process Control
Statistical process control involves testing a random sample of output from a process to determine whether the process is producing items with in a preselected range. With this in mind, The x factor Designs feels that the Acceptance Sampling will be appropriate for their business. It deals...

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