Learning & Development Essay

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FDA Business and Human Resource Management

Learning and Development in Practice

Personal Development Plan

Marc Richardson


Introduction 3

Assessment of Self 3

Skills Audit 3

Swot Analysis 4

Areas of Skill Development 4

Long and Short Term Goals 5

Conclusion 5

Appendix 6

This is my personal development report and within the content of ...view middle of the document...

Working with numbers and being organised. Both skills are used daily through my job.
Academic writing and academic reading. Not something I have had any experience with until I started my degree.
To improve my weaknesses through completing my degree.
Unable to manage the schedule of work and my degree.

Areas of Skill Development

After looking at all the results and answers I decided to focus on the following two areas…..
Academic reading and writing. (Academic skill)
Communication with Clients. (Employability skill)
I chose these skills to improve on as they are a very important part of my short term and long term goals and for me to achieve these goals, these skills need to be improved.
Being in the construction industry I have very little need for academic reading or writing so my skill level of this is very low. Although I am a confident person and can easily pick things up I have little knowledge of how to write in an academic way or to read academic text. This is why I have focussed on these particular skills to develop. I also speak with a lot of clients during my work day so, for me, a good relationship with them will only help me in the future. Good communication is a way I can continue to build these relationships therefore is why I chose communication for area of personal development
I can keep track of my progress by referring to my PDP (Appendix 3) which will highlight when I have improved or achieved my target.

I can also refer to my learning contract (Appendix 4) which allows me to meet with my tutor on a quarterly year basis to check my progress and to measure the improvement to date.

Long and Short term Goals
I have chosen some goals to work towards with one being short term and the other being a longer term target.
The short term goal is for me to complete the first year of my degree with the best possible mark I can achieve.

The longer term goal is for me to take the next step up on my personal business ladder. This is for me to expand the business and to have a certain number of employees. I have put a timeframe of 2-3 years on this long term goal to be able to give me chance to complete the short term goal first.

The skills that have been highlighted through all the analysis and skills audit as a weakness are to be implemented on my PDP. The reason I have chosen these two weaknesses, one academic and one employability, is that it forms a very straight forward journey of milestones which will enable me to fulfil my goals.
Improving my academic reading and writing will allow me to get better marks on my degree assignments which will then enable me to pass my first year. Short term goal. This then gives me the opportunity to continue onto the second year of my degree gaining more experience of business and HRM which will help towards the long term goal.
The employability skill which for me is customer service (communication) will again...

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