Learning Experience Essay

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Learning Experience Paper

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November 27th, 2013
Jennifer Henderson

Learning Experience Paper

In the realm of psychology, there are many different and unique components, perspectives, structures, theories, and methods. Along with many other important aspects, learning falls under the field of psychology. This paper will take a single learning experience and explain how an individual’s behavior and emotions can be affected by that experience. Describing how behaviors could have occurred through classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning will also be included. The learning experience in this paper is how an individual ...view middle of the document...

The sudden loud noise and threatening poses that the lions make triggers a natural response in the child to be afraid. Next to the lion the child sees a clown. Since the feeling of being scared is already active when the child sees the clown, the child could associate the feeling of being scared with not only the lion, but the clown as well. From that day forward, anytime the child sees a clown (CS) the child is subconsciously reminded of the fear (CR) that was felt with the child’s previous encounter of a clown. Although this association happened in one incident, this still explains how this fear of clowns could have happened through classical conditioning.
Next on this list is operant conditioning. Operant conditioning focuses on the learning of voluntary behaviors that are influenced by their consequences. Operant conditioning uses a positive/negative and a reinforcement/punishment system. Simply, behaviors that are followed by a satisfying state of affairs are strengthened and more likely to occur , whereas behaviors followed by an annoying or unpleasant state of affairs are weakened and less likely to occur. If the individual begins to get scared, nervous or just uncomfortable around clowns, then that fear is increasing. This would be a good reason why the individual would avoid clowns altogether. The individual could avoid attending a circus, the consequence would be avoid seeing a clown (which would may the individual scared), and the effect on the behavior would be increased absences at future circus events. This is called negative reinforcement. This would be the easiest solution to stop any adverse effects that the clown encountered may cause. A schedule of...

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