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Learning Experience Paper

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Learning Experience Paper

Learning Experience Paper


Psychology has become interesting to me due to my current class of Intro to Psychology. In this paper, I will be discussing my learning experiences with the perspective of using classical and operant conditioning. I will also discussing how using cognitive-social learning theory could have occurred.

Learning a fear

We all learn to be afraid of something or things in our lives. These fears can be learned at a young age and throughout our lives. However, these fears can also be unlearned over time. I learned at a young age to fear or dislike eating any kind of fish or food that was able to “swim”, sea foods. ...view middle of the document...

This fish was there when I got home from school. I could not eat anything else besides this fish until it was gone. I remember being sick for 2 days and crying to my sister. I was scared that I would not eat again due to this punishment so I ate the fish as directed by my foster mother. Needless to say, I will not eat any kind of sea food to this day. The stimulus of observable behavior was the environment I was in and this promoted my conditioned emotional response (CER) towards sea foods.

Operant Conditioning and Cognitive-Social Learning

According to (Staddon and Cerutti, 2003), Operant behavior is behavior that is “controlled” by its consequences. And operant conditioning is the study of reversible behavior maintained by reinforcement schedules. In my situation, the operant conditioning was a form of punishment. For me now, this is traumatic event that haunts me today. There could have been some positive reinforcements in regards to how this foster mom handled this particular situation, maybe this is how she was raised, and she knew no different. One way I would describe cognitive-social learning in this situation would be to offer a positive reinforcement that would have been to not make a big deal and offer me fish another time and maybe even prepared in a different way. This would have shown me that it is ok not to like something, but that with time, I may have liked the food a different way.

Comparing and Contrasting Learning Behaviors


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