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Learning Is For Everyone Essay

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Learning is for everyone
     The institution called a university, or many times a community college, is an institution that should welcome anyone who is willing to make the effort to face the challenges that it brings. As William A. Henry III writes, “In the real world, though, mostly people go to college to make money';(The Museum of Clear Ideals, 146). I point out that there are a variety of different reasons for which people choose to enter into college. Some of these reasons do include the ability to make a higher income. But many also do so to learn a particular function or get a better understanding of a specific field, or to have an overall deeper ...view middle of the document...

For example, if someone who did not do well in high school and therefore did not foresee nor have the desire to go to college following graduation, he or she may still be accepted at a community college even years after high school is over. These institutions also tend to accept students who obtained only average grades and therefore did not qualify for more prestige universities. “For American society, the big lie underlying higher education is akin to…that everyone can be above average'; (The Museum of Clear Ideas, 147). Not all students are above average, but that does not mean that those who are not should not be entitled to continue their studies. In addition to this, courses today in the United States are set up in such a way and during such flexible time frames that they allow those who work full time to still follow a degree program during non-working hours. Many colleges, for example, are now offering weekend seminars and workshops on particular subjects that can be followed by anyone interested in joining. Choices such as these also allow one to keep an open mind about a career. The author continues stating that “For many adolescents who finish high school without a clear sense of direction, college is simply a holding pattern until they get on with their lives'; (The Museum of Clear Ideas, 153). However, these types of available programs help do in fact help people to find a path. One may not be happy with what he or she is doing, and the ability to experience other subjects in a classroom or workshop may allow a person to just get a taste of what might interest them long term. A great number of students have dedicated time and spent...

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