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Learning, Memory And Motivation Of Consumer Behaviuor

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1) Introduction
2) Learning and Memory Theory
3) Motivation Theory
4) Conclusion
5) References

1) Introduction
The communication message we have chosen is an advert promoting a facial product known as the ‘PerfectaWash’ which dispenses the perfect amount of face wash. We have chosen this message as it utilises effective methods for consumers to not only remember the advert, but also to feel motivated to make a purchase.
2) Learning and Memory Theory
Learning’s defined as ‘a relatively permanent change in behaviour which is linked to experience’. The term “encompasses the total range of learning, from simple almost reflexive responses to the learning of abstract concepts and ...view middle of the document...

The reverse however, would be to suppress the behaviour of purchasing the product which would in turn punish the consumer, as their facial hygiene would diminish in quality.

According to cognitive theory, the advert will firstly reach viewers sensory store, where information is stored in the brain via senses. After being processed for a moment, information then travels to viewers short-term memory due to rehearsal and then when processed further through encoding, the long term memory for extended periods. Information is then retained depending on factors such as how often it’s retrieved and the reorganisation of new information.
The advert is likely to be stored in viewers’ memory because of its extensive presence on mediums such as TV and the internet, and continued exposure to the communication message will strengthen the rehearsal and retention stage of cognitive learning. Another key point is that the actress in the advert is a successful singer who the products target market will be familiar with, adding further significance to the advert ensuring that viewers will indeed remember its message. It is key to note that this advert uses both behavioural and cognitive learning to convey its message.

3) Motivation Theory
“Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This driving force is produced by a state of tension, which exists as the result of an unfulfilled need (L. Schiffman & H. Hansen, 2008. B)”
Appendix 1

There are two types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation means that the stimuli which motivates the individual, is coming from within while extrinsic motivation refers to stimuli motivating individuals from the environment around you (Leadership, 2012). In the case of the ‘Perfecta Wash’, it can be assumed that extrinsic motivation occurs as society (outside environment) suggests that women in particular should take care of themselves, which in this case refers to facial hygiene. This means those that view the advert will be motivated to purchase the product to avoid standing out as un-hygienic to their outside environment which is an important factor.
“Motivation can also be either positive or negative in direction. We may feel a driving force towards some object or condition or a driving force away from some object or condition” (L. Schiffman & H. Hansen, 2008. C). In the case of the ‘Perfecta Wash’ advert, negative motivation occurs because the woman in the advert is motivated to avoid having spots and dry skin, which according to the advert will result if the product is bought. The reverse however would be someone wanting to increase their fitness level so they sign up for the gym which is positive motivation.
Maslow’s’ theory...

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